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Nancy Drew LIE Marathon!

Each Nancy Drew game fits nicely into one or more of these categories: Scary Adventure Cultural/International Historical/Educational Some examples of these games: Scary = GTH, MHM, SAW Adventure = MED, RAN, TOT Cultural/International = VEN, CAP, SSH Historical/Educational = WAC, CLK, DED (If you are unsure what each of these abbreviations mean, click on each […]

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Preparing LIE Merchandise (Weekend Puzzle #252)

Since work on the trailer has ended, I’m working on the strategy guide for Labyrinth of Lies. However, I’m taking a short break to work on adding some images to the merchandise store. Here’s what I’m adding next week: LIE Cover Art LIE Box Art (has all the colored bars and text like the box) […]

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Favorite Fan Things!

Hey all! (No post yesterday, I was out sick). Today I’d like to highlight some fans! We have fans who make awesome videos, fans who share picture with us their excitement over a Nancy Drew item, and fans who send in art to us. I love our fan community! They make everything way more fun, […]

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Pre-Order Labyrinth of Lies!

Today is the big day! Pre-orders begin for Nancy Drew’s 31st mystery: Labyrinth of Lies! Surely you must have seen the news because we have shared it just about everywhere online. Still, I’m sharing the official trailer here, too: Whatcha think? Yes, it does appear to be a different style of game, so we show […]

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Characters and Screenshots and… a Trailer…?

Have you snooped our web site lately? We released the character bios and the remaining screenshots for Labyrinth of Lies here! We were just testing our sneakiness skill… but then I decided to spill the secret and share these with you now. 😉 Anyways! Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow the pre-orders start for Labyrinth […]

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The Three Judges (And Weekend Puzzle #251)

We shared another great screenshot from Labyrinth of Lies today! Check it out: These three judges sit in the underworld, between two doors. Before them are the scales that decide the fate of the dead, according to Greek mythology. Which of these two doors do you suppose is *GASP* locked? 😉 (This was what I […]

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Working on the LIE Trailer

Yesterday I focused entirely on the official trailer for Labyrinth of Lies. It will premiere on YouTube on Tuesday, September 9th when pre-orders begin. *Gasp!* That is only 5 days away… I don’t have much time to finish it, then! But I do a have a moment to spare today to tell you a little […]

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Gold for LIE!

(Yesterday we were out of the office to observe Labor Day, so there were no blog posts then.) Hope you all had a great weekend! Hooray! Today in the office Labyrinth of Lies has hit GOLD! Whoo-hoo! This means we have completed work on the game and it is ready to be sent to the […]

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