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Screenshots Tuesday!

We’ve had a long, relaxing weekend, and today we return to the office with several things to share! There is a lot to cover today, so let me make it simple: Back to school sale! Get 25% all digital games using promo code B2S2012 at checkout! (Sale ends Tuesday, September 11, 2012.) We had a […]

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Alien – I’m in!

For those of you who have played Tomb of the Lost Queen, this last weekend puzzle was for you. After following closely to the directions (and not tripping up over the few stumbling blocks a few of you caught — my typo!) you should get this: [Are you Alien or Alie-out?]. If you might recall, […]

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Unlocking TMB’s Answers

First off, I would like to give a shout-out to one of our fans! ~Happy Birthday Daniella!!! Hope you have a great one! 😀~ I was only trying to sound poetic in this post title. Really all I’m taking about today is Tomb of the Lost Queen. (Only 7 days left!) Yes, this last weekend’s […]

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TMB Wallpapers

Have you seen any of the desktop wallpapers for Tomb of the Lost Queen? You can view the large screenshots here and save them to your computer to set as your desktop background. I particularly like the Columns one. 🙂 There will be more to come in the future, along with cell phone wallpapers, and […]

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A Gorgeous Day….Just add Dave!

Ah February! After the snowstorms and terrible mess from the weather, we have a beautiful winter day. It was rather warm this weekend, and I managed to snap a few shots of the plant life on the way into our office. Check it out, you have to look carefully to notice that the leaf edges […]

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A Great Story

Every once in a while I like to stop and think about what makes a good story. Perhaps it’s the mystery, adventure, drama, suspense, or interesting history? I know I like a little of all of that perfectly balanced in every book. What makes a great Nancy Drew read? I find that a few hidden […]

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Alibi in Ashes Teaser!!

This is what we’ve been working hard on last week: preparing for the Alibi in Ashes Teaser! The teaser is up on our website and also on our YouTube Channel (by the way, I suggest subscribing, it’s the fastest way of knowing we have a new video. The official trailer is currently being worked on […]

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