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Summer Selfie: Space Ports

Hope you had a great fourth of July weekend! We have received a lot of Summer Selfies from our fans for the contest! Yay! I love seeing your pictures from all over the world! I, too, took a Nancy Drew selfie when I went to a space port…Just kidding. It’s not a space port, but […]

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Summer Moments = Spaceship Pizza

With the weather warming up in preparation for summer, now is the time to go exploring, step outside for some activities and adventures, try new things and visit someplace new! I went exploring and discovered a place that reminded me of Sonny Joon… perhaps you can see why: It was a pizza place that was […]

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An Adventure Game

There are certainly different styles in the Nancy Drew game series. Some games are considered “scary” like these:   Some games are “educational” or “historical” like these: Others are international-themed: And some are simply adventurous like these: The Shattered Medallion is definitely one of the more adventurous titles! I find it hard to compare the […]

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Download MED!

Today is the day! You can now download your copy of The Shattered Medallion! Today you get to meet Sonny Joon for the first time as well as be a part of a reality TV show competition. This game is far more adventurous and has lots of fantastic puzzles and activities. Can you find all […]

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Love from Sonny

Here comes the smolder… Yeah, I thought that face he made was pretty cute. Anyways, the physical BONUS EDITION pre-orders are running even lower still. So be sure to order your copy before they run out! (We already received ours here in the office.) Here in the Her Interactive office, the strategy guide was completed, […]

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One More Week to MED!

There is only one week left until you get your copy of The Shattered Medallion! We start shipping the physical pre-orders soon, and on Tuesday the digital downloads become available. It will come soon! Are you preparing in any way? Making room on your computer? Re-playing related Nancy Drew games? Participating in the marathon? Do […]

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Doodles and Illustrations

Sonny Joon has never been in a game until now. Several games in the past he “appears” or he is referenced, so we know very little about him. Here’s what we have gathered so far: He has had multiple jobs all over the world (CAP, SSH, RAN, VEN, DAN, TMB) He tends to leave his […]

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Weekend Puzzle #236

Who all pre-ordered their copy of The Shattered Medallion already? For those who have their heart set on getting a physical copy, I suggest pre-ordering as soon as possible. We don’t have very many left! Once we run out, we will announce it. When that happens, we switch to standard edition for the physical pre-orders. […]

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Sonny’s Comic Book

One of our artists, Jami, worked on some Sonny Joon art in The Shattered Medallion. As an exclusive extra, she designed and illustrated this Sonny Joon comic book cover for our merchandise store. It is currently available in the posters section. We ordered a version to be sent to our office for display. Whatcha think? […]

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Working on the Guide

Another “Sonny Speaks” moment for your amusement… I finished playing through The Shattered Medallion (again) today, to finish the first draft of the strategy guide walk through portion — which is now finished. (That’s the biggest part of creating the guide.) The next step is to write up the step-by-step puzzle descriptions and solutions and […]

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