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It’s locked….but I have a key!

That title could mean a couple of things: These doors to our office were really locked. It was after hours and I’m staying late because we have a busy week to prepare for. I hold secrets that I lock away in my mind, just waiting for the chance to be unlocked and released…much like the […]

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I Blame Sonny Joon

I’m not going to admit it was me, so leT’s just pretend that it was Sonny Joon who came, caused trouble, and left….without ever being seen. Look what’s on our hallway wall by the kitchen: Kind of brings back some meMories from Danger By Design where you need to catch real live cockroaches, yeah? I […]

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April Fools from Sonny Joon + Weekend Puzzle #97

Whoo-hoo! Happy April Fool’s day! Has anybody pulled a few jokes today? Remember last year’s prank when we told you that Sonny Joon was getting his own game? That was awesome. Unfortunately there still aren’t plans for that, but who knows, maybe we’ll hear from him in upcoming games.   ~Sonny’s first Easter Egg design~ […]

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