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Early Midnight Tips

Hey all! Today is the second day of MID being out and I’m enjoying watching your YouTube videos and Twitch streams. We’ve noticed a few things that I may need to call out to your attention.   Right-Mouse Clicks: One major tip for those of you who are on a Macbook playing Midnight in Salem, […]

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Free Shipping and Merch Sales!

We have a few announcements to share with you: The first this that we are offering free shipping for the U.S Domestic option this month. I highly recommend ordering the physical games early so that it will arrive in time for Christmas. 😉 The next announcement is that we have a sale on all our […]

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Christmas Wish List 2014

Even though we still have our American Thanksgiving day in just a couple of days… I have already started to think about Christmas. Have you started writing out your Christmas wish list? What Nancy Drew games are on your list? What Nancy Drew gear do you want to add to your ultimate Nancy Drew collection? […]

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Nancy Drew Musical!

We have the greatest fans ever! I’m always excited to see how fans get so creative and share with us their enthusiasm for Nancy Drew. One of our great fans, Caroline, wrote a musical… but not just any musical. It was a Nancy Drew musical! She shared this with us last week, and we have […]

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Your Favorite Game!

Howdy sleuths! It’s the Friday before pre-order date! If you pre-ordered the physical version of Labyrinth of Lies, your game is likely shipping this weekend. If you pre-ordered the digital download, Tuesday is your day to being downloading! Oh the EXCITEMENT! 😀 If you are anxiously waiting your game, you can spend a moment telling […]

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Weekend Puzzle #236

Who all pre-ordered their copy of The Shattered Medallion already? For those who have their heart set on getting a physical copy, I suggest pre-ordering as soon as possible. We don’t have very many left! Once we run out, we will announce it. When that happens, we switch to standard edition for the physical pre-orders. […]

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Weekend Puzzle #215

Hooray for Friday! For those of you who pre-ordered, the physical copies should be arriving next week, and those who are getting digital…there are only four days left until you get to download your copy! Oh boy, this means my SPY secrets are going to be revealed soon! Well, I might as well make the […]

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Playing Ghost of Thornton Hall

Don’t worry! I’m not going to give any spoilers if you haven’t played the game yet. (I’ve started playing the game again at home). XD Ghost of Thornton Hall is downloading onto computers everywhere, and I’ve seen some questions come in about when the physical game ships to those who ordered this version. There are […]

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Getting Ready for Ghosts!

I wish I could say that I’m caught up on the Scary Games Marathon, but I’m not. Tonight we finish up playing Shadow at the Water’s Edge (of which I got terribly distracted with trying to solve all of the puzzles from Rentaro…as well as playing Pachinko at the parlor over and over and over […]

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Pre-Order Ghost of Thornton Hall!

Whoo-hoo! Today is the first day you can pre-order Nancy Drew’s 28th adventure: Ghost of Thornton Hall! Oh, and watch the trailer we have been working on for a few weeks: Wha-hoo! SO EXCITED to finally share this!! What do you think? Maybe, just maybe scarier than SAW? I’d describe it as “Beautifully intriguing”!   […]

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