Sonny’s Comic Book

One of our artists, Jami, worked on some Sonny Joon art in The Shattered Medallion.

Her Interactive Employee: Jami Moravetz

As an exclusive extra, she designed and illustrated this Sonny Joon comic book cover for our merchandise store. It is currently available in the posters section. We ordered a version to be sent to our office for display. Whatcha think? We will be framing it properly later, but I wanted to show it off, so I put it up on the wall by our break room door. Check it out!

blog_SonnyJoonPosterThis poster is the 20×30 inch version, which is the best format for this artwork. You can design and purchase your copy in our merchandise store “Nancy Drew Gear“.

-Little Jackalope

8 responses to “Sonny’s Comic Book”

  1. Abigail says:

    Hello! Tomorrow (May 2) is my birthday, and I would be very, very excited to be able to have a birthday shoutout if possible. (I really like DDI, so if it’s not too much trouble it would be really neat to have a DDI-related picture along with it. If you’re too busy, though, I would totally understand.) 🙂 Thank you, and keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Allison says:

    Heehee, that looks so cute! Can you guys make real Sonny and/or Nancy comic books? I’m sure they’d be a hit!

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