One More Week to MED!

There is only one week left until you get your copy of The Shattered Medallion! We start shipping the physical pre-orders soon, and on Tuesday the digital downloads become available. It will come soon!

Are you preparing in any way? Making room on your computer? Re-playing related Nancy Drew games? Participating in the marathon? Do you have your calendar marked?

I plan on finishing the game marathon with Ransom of the Seven Ships. This game had a lot of notes and doodles from Sonny in this game, as well as a lot of fun puzzles. I need to re-install it on my computer, first.

Anyways, I’m cutting this blog post short since we have a lot of things to do to prepare to share the game with you! Are you ready for another adventure?

We have a birthday!


-Little Jackalope

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  1. Abby says:


  2. firestone2430 says:

    The Shattered Medallion. I have all the Nancy Drew games on my computer, not the newer ones because its slow and the voice and actions are slow and slurred like. There on my laptop. Anyway, those are the only games that I play so thats why i have only those on my computer. Anyway, I haven’t had time to play the marathon, but I did get time to play a little bit. I replayed The Phantom of Venice. I liked this one because its, well, its in Venise, Italy. And it gives references to Samantha Quick, whom we don’t know much about. Until we met Bridgett/Zoey in The Silent Spy. But it was fun. Its also my family’s favorite because of the funny bloopers at the end after the credits. When Il Capitano grabs for the pigeon and he end up falling out the window and he yells up, “I’m Okay.” Anyway, its funny. I’ll be waiting for #30.

  3. firestone2430 says:

    Sorry for all the misspellings. I was in a hurry. Keep the games up.

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