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At Home? Nancy Drew Art!

The HeR Interactive team continues to operate and work from each of our homes this week. It’s the last week for March Madness on Twitter, and the last week to participate in the big survey we have going on. I wanted to share some terrific art from a fellow Nancy Drew fan, Emi. She re-created […]

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Throw Back Thursday and Fun Books in WAC

Today’s Throwback Thursday reminds us of one of my favorite moments, building sandcastles in Danger on Deception Island. I actually just beat DDI for the umpteenth time last night, how fitting! Was anyone like me and wasted so much time just building these giant sandcastles instead of actually solving the mystery? Did you guys know […]

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Spring Jackalope Eggs

So this happened at my desk yesterday… The mystery of the egg culprits is back on. Unfortunately this giant egg that showed up has a matte texture, and is not glossy or smooth enough to capture decent fingerprints. I guess I will have to figure out a way to find out who the culprit is. […]

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Last Weekend to Pre-Order! (Plus Weekend Puzzle #255)

This weekend is the last chance to pre-order your copy of Labyrinth of Lies and receive the Bonus Edition. We have set a goal for our fans: if we reach 10,000 pre-orders by end of Monday (October 13th), we will make the soundtrack free for everyone. Do you think we can make it in one […]

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Thanks everyone for your helpful tips and for trying to solve this mystery with me! Unfortunately, the case is not yet closed for The Creature of Kapu Cave. However, I did make some progress with your help. When playing Wiki Tiki, I reached the point where I am wining, and I saved it right before […]

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Amateur Sleuth Mystery: CRE Easter Eggs

Instead of a weekend puzzle, I have a REAL Nancy Drew mystery for you to solve! It’s something I’m working on solving, too. For many years, I have seen discussions on the message board as well as seen emails come in that question about the Easter Eggs in The Creature of Kapu Cave. Now before […]

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Download MED!

Today is the day! You can now download your copy of The Shattered Medallion! Today you get to meet Sonny Joon for the first time as well as be a part of a reality TV show competition. This game is far more adventurous and has lots of fantastic puzzles and activities. Can you find all […]

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Well today I was planning on talking more about Ghost of Thornton Hall…but when I first came in this morning, that plan changed. (Anyways, sorry for such a late night post, I was wrapped up in a meeting that lasted a few hours, and we just got back. Unfortunately I can’t say what we were […]

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A Great GTH Day

…Now that sounds like a funny title for a blog post! But really, it was a rather enjoyable day today, at least from my part. I finished playing through the game my full second time, the first pass on Master Sleuth (and I must say, I had to get help on one crazy puzzle), and […]

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Fan Love…and Eggs

Our fans make me laugh sometimes! (^_^) And they are all so very creative, smart and witty, as I can see on our social media sites, message boards and through our contests. Sienna wrote this encouraging note to me and I had to post it because…well…we already had one of her wishes planned out! “Dear […]

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