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Sold Out!

Well, that went fast! The physical copies of Ghost of Thornton Hall‘s BONUS EDITION has officially sold out! Of course, if you haven’t pre-ordered the game yet and still wan the BONUS EDITION, we still have the digital version available. Or if you really have your heart set owning the physical game, we are now […]

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Art from the Games

If I may say so, I personally really like the cover art for Ghost of Thornton Hall. 🙂 So much so that I bought a kindle case from our own merchandise store with this art on it: And while I was there I also had to get the Sonny Joon notebook design (from Ransom of […]

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Weekend Puzzle #194

If you are following along with the “scary games” marathon, we are finishing up Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake tonight and playing through Curse of Blackmoor Manor this weekend, woot! Has anyone finished DOG already for this week? I’m still working on it tonight. XD rail fence We have a bit of urgent news, we […]

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Dessert & Charlotte’s Lace Mask

Today our luncheoning group went out to try a fancy lunch at a nearby restaurant, which served a three-course meal. I just wanted to point out that these adventurous outings are good for a person, especially when that person has never tried a crème brûlée. I tried it for the first time, and I loved […]

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Day Six for Pre-Orders

The pre-orders continue for GTH! Sounds like several of you solved the GTH weekend puzzle, some of you only mad it half-way, and a few were thinking there was supposed to be more to it… *insert evil grin*. Here’s what you do to solve it: First identify all of the missing letters (if you need […]

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Weekend Puzzle #193…and a Marathon!

Day four of Ghost of Thornton Hall pre-orders! From what I’ve been hearing/reading lately is that some of you are doing game marathons before GTH becomes available, this is awesome! However it’s a little late to attempt to play 27 games before May 7th, it might be more doable to play all the “scary” games […]

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Day Three: GTH Pre-Orders

Well here’s an interesting office story for you that happened 15 minutes ago: The doors to the office were open when I decided to go downstairs for a couple minutes. When I came back up, the doors, of course were LOCKED! After 5 minutes of futile attempts to knock and rattle the door in hopes […]

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Day Two of GTH Pre-Orders

Hooray! It’s day two of pre-orders for Ghost of Thornton Hall! There was too much excitement yesterday in the office to express everything that happened, so today I’ll share this with you: yesterday we received our print proofs for the boxed game art! Check it out! We posted it on the wall for the entire […]

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Pre-Order Ghost of Thornton Hall!

Whoo-hoo! Today is the first day you can pre-order Nancy Drew’s 28th adventure: Ghost of Thornton Hall! Oh, and watch the trailer we have been working on for a few weeks: Wha-hoo! SO EXCITED to finally share this!! What do you think? Maybe, just maybe scarier than SAW? I’d describe it as “Beautifully intriguing”!   […]

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Eve of GTH’s Trailer

Oh boy. Oh boy. Oh boy! The trailer will be launched tomorrow!! Also pre-orders will begin. I noticed that a few of you were concerned about the trailer launch being on the same day as pre-orders. No worries! If you are still hesitant about pre-ordering the game, you can watch the trailer tomorrow, or the […]

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