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If I may say so, I personally really like the cover art for Ghost of Thornton Hall. 🙂 So much so that I bought a kindle case from our own merchandise store with this art on it:

And while I was there I also had to get the Sonny Joon notebook design (from Ransom of the Seven Ships) placed on a mouse pad. This same mouse pad can be found on Mason’s desk in The Deadly Device.

I’d thought I’d share these because I’m really excited about adding to my own fan collection. XD

While the poem, logo, and cover art are already available in our merchandise store, behind the scenes we are about to begin work on more art that can be found in Ghost of Thornton Hall. It should all be up in time for the official launch date of the game. *Insider secret: we are super close to really, truly running out of the physical copies of the BONUS EDITION. I overheard the team already discussing the announcement of this for later…I hope you pre-ordered your preferred game version already!

Side note: Has anybody already begun playing Legend of the Crystal Skull this week?

~Little Jackalope~

11 responses to “Art from the Games”

  1. I LOVE the cover art too! If I had an iPhone or ipad, of totally get a cover with the art. Love the ND merch collection. 🙂 I think I’m going to ask for a mug with the Koko wrapper image.
    Seriously, May 7th… HURRY!
    Thanks for the shout out! Her birthday was great, she requested we play mini golf so we did. Thankfully i did better in real life than in CLK;)

  2. I have honestly have fallin in love with the GTH’s artwork. Your art team has gotten so well when it comes to designing the box art work lately it’s crazy. The woman on the front cover looks a bit like J’Lo though. Tell me I’m not the only one who sees this… O_O Speaking of birthdays, my birthday is far away from here but I still want to ask you if you can put it in your calender 🙂 It’s November 2nd. Funny, me and Marie Antoniette are born on the same day. Maybe that’s why I have Treasure in the Royal Tower kept so dear to my heart 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ooh! Int one of those mousepads soooo bad. I did love that Mason had one. I never found time this week to even install DOG. I did however help my sister finish Scarlet Hand,since I’d played it before her.

    From me,

  4. Anonymous says:


    Speaking of merchandise, y’all need to make a t-shirt that says, ”I’d rather be playing Nancy Drew”. I love those types of shirts! It could be a basic white T with I’d rather be playing in gold cursive lettering and the nancy drew part the logo. But the logo needs to be outlined in purple or something. Not outlined, but almost as if a purple light was shining behind it.

    That’s my idea anyway. What do you think?

    And do they make tshirts for guys? I probably sound stupid asking that, and I probably wouldn’t wear it in public just at home.

  5. Question about the mug. I’m giving my mom instructions on how to order the mug if she decides to get it for me. I want the 11 oz fully wrap of the Koko image. Is it perfectly set already? Or do we have to adjust it to fit the cup? It kinda looks as if it would overlap itself if we left it alone.

  6. Henry Furler says:

    Hi. This is Henry. You gave me a birthday shout-out in February. I am writing a short film based on Secrets Can Kill (not to be published or anything, just for fun). Is there anything you can tell me, details wise, that is hard to find out from playing the game? Like people, location names, etc.

  7. Breanna(; says:

    Yes i sure am im at the part where renee gives you her room key to get a piece of paper and i discovered something new when you walk into her room her rocking chair is empty and after you get the paper and candy bars a doll climbs on the chair and sits down. i didn’t notice this before so it was kind of creepy(:

  8. Rachel says:

    HER’s game/cover art is amazing! So much detail put into it!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hey LJ!!! My birthday is on May 8th and I am soooo excited!! Me and my brother are gonna play this game (his is April 28th, so it’s like a present for both of us) and get scared out of our wits!!! Disappointed that it’s only at night, though. :-/

  10. Anonymous says:


    So I just replayed DED for the 1000th time. 🙂 and i just thought of something you guys should totally do! Make the “Epic Dork Fight” come alive from DED!

    Dedicated Nancy Drew Gamer

  11. ND's #1 fan says:

    @Anonymous-That’s so cool! I would so get one if they made them!:) @Dedicated Nancy Drew gamer-
    That is a great idea!
    I was really hoping they’d have it in the outtakes or something, that would be hilarious if they did that! (^_^) Maybe even almost as good as the gummy bear theater! ALMOST… (lol)

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