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Be Careful Who You Trust!

Sounds like several of you have already received and played The Silent Spy! If you’d like to share your thoughts (we will be sure to read them) post them to the message boards! Also, if you are still in the middle of solving the mystery, don’t forget about the strategy guide that was included in […]

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Download The Silent Spy!

Today’s the day! If you pre-ordered the digital Bonus Edition of The Silent Spy, you may have received your email allowing you to download already. If you pre-ordered the physical version, just know that all orders have been processed, and the game should be on its way to your home right now! Once you finish […]

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Playing SPY Tomorrow?

Tomorrow’s the big day we have all been waiting for! Tomorrow you get to download and play the BONUS EDITION of Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy! Everyone who pre-ordered the digital copy will get to play Nancy’s latest mystery very soon. Are you ready to learn the truth about Kate Drew? Sign up for our […]

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Weekend Puzzle #215

Hooray for Friday! For those of you who pre-ordered, the physical copies should be arriving next week, and those who are getting digital…there are only four days left until you get to download your copy! Oh boy, this means my SPY secrets are going to be revealed soon! Well, I might as well make the […]

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Costume Inspirations and Sold Out BONUS EDITIONS!

Aaaaaaand here’s the big news for today: Yep. We have now sold out of the BONUS EDITION physical copies for The Silent Spy. Also, many of you have received emails about your pre-order status. If you are confused what this means, please read this note from our Administrator on the Message Boards. Check these out! […]

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The Last of the Physical Bonus Editions

We are really really close to running out of The Silent Spy physical Bonus Editions! And when I mean really close, I mean like tonight *might* be the last chance to pre-order that physical version. No worries, though. The Standard Edition (physical) and the Bonus Edition we still be available to pre-order. The SPYs  are […]

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Countdown to The Silent Spy

I’m impressed with the detectives who figured out the weekend puzzle! It was a Caesar Shift Cipher, and if you noticed the misspelled word in the previous sentence, you would have your biggest clue: [to shift the alphabet over 4 letters]. You can then convert the letters to get the answer [Kate’s voice]. What do […]

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Sharpening Your Spy Skills

Some of you like to “game marathon” before the next mystery is released, which I find really fun. I have recommended a few titles to reply (in case you had decided not to replay ALL of them) but I wanted to narrow down the “why” part of the titles I selected. There are elements of […]

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Trailer Secrets (And Weekend Puzzle #212)

I’ve recently been browsing the Message Boards to see what everyone is talking about over The Silent Spy. It’s a great place to discuss theories, ideas, your excitement and predictions for this new game, in case you are interested in joining the conversations! Oh there are sooo many little secrets I wish I could spoil […]

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Awesome Fans

Hey all! (I was out sick yesterday). Hope everyone had a chance to watch the trailer for The Silent Spy, but it sounds like you did since we’ve been hearing your responses to it. Thanks so much for sharing your enthusiasm! Today’s blog post is rather lengthy, because we have a lot of great fans […]

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