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The Silent Spy Pre-Orders

Today is the day! Pre-orders are live! The trailer is live! Check it out: What do you think? Here’s the news we posted today:(Click on the image for a larger view) You can pre-order the PC version or Mac version today. Remember the rest of those dates so that you know when to expect your […]

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Pre-Order Promotion!

Check it out! We revealed the 11th hint (“contest”) in the 13 hints of 2013 today! Well, it’s not really a competitive contest. It’s technically a promotion. You can learn more about it here on the Dare to Play Blog. No weekend puzzle today. Why? Because I just realized that we hinted at several spy […]

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The SPY Release

Hm, looks as if no one found the secret message in yesterday’s post. 😉 Just trying to keep your minds alert and detective-level observant. Since we are starting to talk about the latest game, now, Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy, we may be dropping vague hints here and there for you to piece together and […]

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Last Day to Pre-Order!

Ok everyone! If you really wanted a BONUS EDITION of Ghost of Thornton Hall, tonight’s your last chance to order it (the digital download version only since the physical version sold out a while ago. However, the STANDARD physical game is available for purchase on our site). Many fans have already played through the game, […]

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BONUS EDITION is going…going…

Only a few more days to pre-order Ghost of Thornton Hall BONUS EDITION! If you haven’t ordered from us yet, here’s the low-down about these BONUS EDITIONS: You can only get BONUS EDITIONS from You can only get BONUS EDITIONS during pre-order period Extra features are included in the game! We ship out the […]

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With all this talk about Ghost of Thornton Hall (by the way…we are counting down the remaining days to pre-order!) …I’d thought to take a day to talk about something different. We just started Instagramming! However, we’ve only got a few pictures up, so we don’t have any followers yet. (I posted several real-life Nancy […]

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Playing Ghost of Thornton Hall

Don’t worry! I’m not going to give any spoilers if you haven’t played the game yet. (I’ve started playing the game again at home). XD Ghost of Thornton Hall is downloading onto computers everywhere, and I’ve seen some questions come in about when the physical game ships to those who ordered this version. There are […]

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Ghost of Thornton Hall Downloads Today!

For all who pre-ordered the digital version of Ghost of Thornton Hall, today is your day! I suppose by this time many of you have received your email to go ahead and download…(if not, you will receive yours very soon, since the system has to properly go through each order). If you have not pre-ordered […]

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GTH is Coming!

Our Nancy Drew “Scary Games” marathon has ended, and now we anxiously await tomorrow’s release of Ghost of Thornton Hall! That’s right! If you have (or are going to) pre-ordered the digital copy of GTH, tomorrow you will get to download! (Stay tuned for the exact launch time). ~The boxes of games have arrived!~ To […]

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Getting Ready for Ghosts!

I wish I could say that I’m caught up on the Scary Games Marathon, but I’m not. Tonight we finish up playing Shadow at the Water’s Edge (of which I got terribly distracted with trying to solve all of the puzzles from Rentaro…as well as playing Pachinko at the parlor over and over and over […]

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