Dessert & Charlotte’s Lace Mask

Today our luncheoning group went out to try a fancy lunch at a nearby restaurant, which served a three-course meal. I just wanted to point out that these adventurous outings are good for a person, especially when that person has never tried a crème brûlée. I tried it for the first time, and I loved it! For those who aren’t sure exactly what this dessert is, it’s pretty much vanilla pudding in a cute little cup that they sprinkle sugar on top and lightly blow-torch so that it turns into a light shell crust. Also known as caramelizing. The torched sugar tasted like a perfectly browned outside part of a toasted marshmallow. Yum!

Lookie! When we returned from our long lunch outing, these had arrived!

The 100 Charlotte Masks! On or after May 17th, we will be picking 100 random winners from everyone who pre-ordered Ghost of Thornton Hall (physical or digital) from our site before May 14th. I still need to figure out how to swipe one of these for myself… (~.^)

~Little Jackalope~


12 responses to “Dessert & Charlotte’s Lace Mask”

  1. Looks very ummy!!:D
    I heard about that dessert in Epcot when I went to Disney a few months ago. (I’m ready to go back!!:) ) But, I went with the Baklava in “Morocco”. 🙂

    I’d LOVE to get one of those masks!!:D I don’t know if you’ve seen on y’all’s Facebook, but photography is a big hobby of mine, and I love taking pictures inspired by the games and books!:) The mask would be the perfect thing for some photos.

  2. Elliot Chen says:

    Hey LJ. I was just wondering if you know the lyrics to the song, “Sweet Charlotte” from the GTH soundtrack. I can make out a most of the words, but a lot I just can’t tell what she’s saying…
    P.S. Have you caught my reference at all?

  3. Carissa C. says:

    Those masks look even prettier than I was expecting them to…really hoping (like everyone else who preordered I bet) that I get one. 🙂

  4. WWNDD12 says:

    Yum! crème brûlée is amazing, isn’t it?! I want some right now! LOL!

    OoH The lace masks came?! I’m shore they look amazing! Do you think you can get a hold of one for yourself?

    I can’t wait for GTH, me and my sister have preordered, I can’t wait to be scared out of my whits!

  5. Hi, LJ!
    I’ve never tried crème brûlée, but I might have to sometime now…(^.^)
    Charlotte’s Mask is so beautiful! I can completely imagine wearing one on Halloween in a Charlotte-inspired costume! (^.^) I cannot wait for May, for both GTH, and to see if I win a mask!
    Fingers crossed!
    •´¯`·.¸_¸.·>>Norwegian Dancer♥

  6. Yum! Love me some creme brulee right now. And yay for the masks coming in! Can’t wait for GTH to come out 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yummy! 🙂 I should try that some time!! The masks look AMAZING!!!!!!
    <3 <3 <3


  8. Anonymous says:

    Remember that puzzle from SAW when you had to rewire the back of the portrait? Well we did exercises exactly like that one at school at informatics. And I was one of the few who knew how to do it. Thank you Nancy Drew!! 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always wanted to try crème brûlée. My sister was going to try and make it sometime. So,since the weather is nice you guys go out to eat alot huh?
    And,if you pre-order twice(physical and digital) you’ll get twice the chance of winning a mask yourself Little J…just a though.:)

    From me,

  10. @Future HeR Animator — We did notice your post on FB about photography! Keep practicing and you can only get better at it! 😉

    @Elliot Chen – I do know the lyrics to Sweet Charlotte, in fact I wrote a blog post revealing the lyrics here:

    @Anonymous – That’s awesome that that puzzle helped you in that class!

    @Silvertongue – Yes, if you a digital and a physical copy, you would be entered twice for the contest.

  11. Thanks!!:) I’d love you guys even more if sometime in the near future you’d have a photography contest!<3 you’ve had every other contest out there, why not a photography one?

  12. Karen says:

    I LOVE creme brulee, would like to be able to make it home someday. FIRE! 🙂

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