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Sneaking Secrets

I can’t even tell you all the secrets that we hold here in the Her Interactive office! There are sooo many amazing tidbits… but I must behave myself while I attempt to clue you in on what’s going on without spoiling anything too early. *Breathe* Ok, here goes: We have something new coming up, and […]

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Weekend Puzzle #167

Aaaaahhh! We some some exciting news that we’ve been itching to announce!! First of all, we have the cover art from The Deadly Device up in our Merchandise store, you know what looks really? A few of us in the office really like the look of “Electrify” (the image without the background of Niko getting […]

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DED: Going for Gold

Last week the leads of the company gathered together in the conference room behind closed doors to each declare ceremoniously by speech and writing that from their perspective, The Deadly Device is FINAL! Each lead confirms their portion of the game is complete and meets our standards and satisfaction, and then they each sign their […]

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Preparing for DED Pre-Orders

Ah yes, today we were busying away with preparing for when The Deadly Device pre-orders start! (Which is Monday, ahh!) We are preparing a contest, contest images, a newsletter, images for our web site and one or two for our social media channels, and other little behind-the-scenes things. Oh my! I nearly forgot! I need […]

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A Week Before Pre-Orders!

We only have a week left before you can pre-order The Deadly Device! And based on the poll results to the right, 62% of voters are planning on pre-ordering, 5% said “no” to pre-ordering, while 32% say they will wait for the store release. 319 votes over the course of the week, and tomorrow I […]

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Psst! Pass the word…

Breaking news update: The Deadly Device cover art, release date, pre-order date and more will be announced on Monday! Subscribe to our newsletter here to get the latest news update! ~Little Jackalope~

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Weekend Puzzle #148

First things first, I have a big birthday shout out to one of our awesome fans! Hope you have a great birthday Abigail!! Secondly, there are only 4 days left to get your pre-order copy of Tomb of the Lost Queen! After that, the Bonus Editions will go into extinction….never to be seen again, so […]

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We have TMB! (Will you get TMB?)

I got super excited today because a big shipment of several copies of Tomb of the Lost Queen have arrived to our office! (The stack of boxes was as tall as I am). Check out Melissa, she’s really excited, too! Here’s the retail version, with fun embossing (my favorite area is the hollowed eye…it looks […]

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Day 2: TMB Pre-orders

It is day 2 of pre-orders. Only 26 days more days until you can digitally download your game, and the boxed games ship out. It seems sooo far away! And yet, here in the office I’m sure the days will just fly, since we are always focusing on it. Have you decided to pre-order Tomb […]

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Tomb of the Lost Queen: Pre-orders Are Live!

It was a very exciting and busy morning today at the office! Pre-orders have gone live for Tomb of the Lost Queen and we have been scurrying to get all the last-minute touch-ups, testing and announcements done. We sent out a newsletter for this as well. Have you signed up for our newsletter on our […]

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