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Welcome to 2015!

Happy New Year, sleuths! We are back in the office and ready to pick up on our projects once again. The art team is lip-syncing and animating the characters for Sea of Darkness right now, the design team is finalizing some soundtracks, and the production team is building and fixing some puzzles. What am I […]

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Getting to Know the Characters

Many of you have already finished playing  Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies; congrats on another mystery solved! Now that you have finished the game, who are your favorite characters? Did you really annoy some suspects? Did you see some characters totally lose their cool? Who surprised you the most? Without giving away any spoilers (if […]

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Ethel Bosinny (And Weekend Puzzle #254)

Is this Nancy Drew meme true for you? I remember playing Curse of Blackmoor Manor when I was younger and it first came out. The nightmares and talk of monsters and dark tunnels creeped me out. Later, when I got older and played the game again, I found that Ethel was the most scary! She […]

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Check this out! Some fans have cosplayed (costume played) as Mel Corbalis from Warnings at Waverly Academy and Henry Bolet Jr. from Legend of the Crystal Skull! How awesome is this?! It may be a bit early to think about it, but Halloween is next month. Will you be dressing up in any Nancy Drew […]

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Xenia vs. Niobe

Head over to Facebook! We have a great caption contest happening this week, featuring Thanos and Sonny Joon… and the prize is AWEsome. Post your most creative caption to that post! On another note, I’ve noticed some people mention the similarities between the female characters in Labyrinth of Lies. I, too, thought this when I […]

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Characters and Screenshots and… a Trailer…?

Have you snooped our web site lately? We released the character bios and the remaining screenshots for Labyrinth of Lies here! We were just testing our sneakiness skill… but then I decided to spill the secret and share these with you now. 😉 Anyways! Tomorrow is the big day! Tomorrow the pre-orders start for Labyrinth […]

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Teases from LIE… Continued.

So it turns out I missed a few shoes to show off from yesterday:   One of these is a newer character. One is a model version of shoes I’ve shown you, and a third… is special. Tomorrow we shall show you more. Not shoes, but something better. Stay tuned! 😉 Oh hey! We shared […]

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Clues to Labyrinth of Lies

Did I say Clues? I meant Shoes. I thought it would be nice to share with you some things from Labyrinth of Lies. 🙂 Yay shoes! These are clips of the concept illustrations for the characters. Except for the last one. That last one is from the first model of that character. What clues could […]

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Fav Character: Dave Gregory

Take a look at Dahlia’s Vine! I laughed a bit too loud when I first saw this in the office just a minute ago. XD What do you think? When you first played The Secret of Shadow Ranch, did you wish Nancy had another response to chose from in her conversation? -Little Jackalope

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Let the Games Continue…

Today marks an important day for us! Our 30th (so exciting!) game, The Shattered Medallion, is now available in retail stores! Can you even fathom? We have made 30 games! That’s a lot of mysteries for Nancy to solve! Can you even think about what game #50 will be like? I sure hope we get […]

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