Getting to Know the Characters

Many of you have already finished playing  Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies; congrats on another mystery solved! Now that you have finished the game, who are your favorite characters? Did you really annoy some suspects? Did you see some characters totally lose their cool? Who surprised you the most?


Without giving away any spoilers (if you can) share your thoughts with us! I particularly liked Niobe. I thought she was quite interesting, especially hearing her rehearsal recordings and the effort she puts into her role.

If you’ve finished the game, consider writing a review on the message board or the page for LIE here. That way, everyone will be able to read your thoughts about the characters and the game! (And you can rate it).

-Little Jackalope

9 responses to “Getting to Know the Characters”

  1. jadyn byrne says:

    Without giving out the end, i didnt know what charater to suspect because each one seemed to be suspicious on some level. It was a good game with creative puzzles. My favorite charater would be Grigor. He was very sarcastic and fun. Same with niobe…very energetic and funny

  2. Abigail says:

    Hey my sister Hannah is turning 21 on the 11th and I know that it is last minute but could you do a birthday shout out for her tomorrow ? Her favorite game is the trail of the twister.

  3. Angela says:

    I thought Grigor was a great character, the shining light from his personality really brings out his character. Joe was a quite a laugh from the contacts, there were some moments where Joe brought some laughter.

  4. Taylor says:

    LJ, I think I have found a glitch in the game. I think I did the order of some things wrong, and right now I’m at a point where it is impossible to go any further. It might be the order in which I explored the underworld because I didn’t get to decode the number thing to open the skeleton gate…instead I just filled the bowl full of water. There are no more hints available and the task list is telling me to:
    Find out what to do with the Greek letter panel in the tunnel.
    Find out the meaning behind the tablet entry about the famous Greeks.
    Find a way to cross the river of fire.
    Explore Tartarus.
    Figure out what’s inside the three judges’ trunk.
    Disarm the workshop’s security alarm.
    Find the password for the authentication base.
    I have gone through every area available in the game and have not been able to acquire any more items. I really don’t want to start the game over, so what can I do?

  5. Taylor says:

    Oops, never mind. I think I figured it out; I missed one piece of paper! Sorry about that, I just hope no one else has to go through that!

  6. Taylor says:

    I just finished it and my favorite character is Niobe because she was very funny in the recordings and she was artistic!

  7. Anne says:

    Taylor: I think I’m stuck at the same point- could you possibly give me the location of the paper thing?

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