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Charlotte on Monday

Yesterday was daylight savings, and we switched our clocks backwards an hour. I always get confused which way the light switches… does the sun stay up longer or go down sooner? Turns out the sun sets earlier in the winter. It’s been really dark outside for a few hours already, it sort of feels like […]

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Be Careful Who You Trust!

Sounds like several of you have already received and played The Silent Spy! If you’d like to share your thoughts (we will be sure to read them) post them to the message boards! Also, if you are still in the middle of solving the mystery, don’t forget about the strategy guide that was included in […]

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Costume Inspirations and Sold Out BONUS EDITIONS!

Aaaaaaand here’s the big news for today: Yep. We have now sold out of the BONUS EDITION physical copies for The Silent Spy. Also, many of you have received emails about your pre-order status. If you are confused what this means, please read this note from our Administrator on the Message Boards. Check these out! […]

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The Last of the Physical Bonus Editions

We are really really close to running out of The Silent Spy physical Bonus Editions! And when I mean really close, I mean like tonight *might* be the last chance to pre-order that physical version. No worries, though. The Standard Edition (physical) and the Bonus Edition we still be available to pre-order. The SPYs  are […]

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Characters of The Silent Spy

Ta-da! The characters of The Silent Spy have been revealed today! Check them out here. Do you remember the 13th hint for 2013, “Fell”? It was the last name of one of these characters. Alec Fell to be exact! I rather like this character. <3 What do you think? Any early thoughts? Any ideas who […]

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The Characters of Thornton Hall

We have been working all day on getting the characters ready and up on our Ghost of Thornton Hall page, and voila! Here they are! Check them out here and read up on the suspects and friends from the game. Do you have a clue to who the suspect is? What really happened to Jessalyn? […]

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Tesla is Everywhere!

I’m not sure how I lived my life never knowing who Nikola Tesla was until our designer started researching him for The Deadly Device a while back. Yes, I admit I had never heard of him before then. >.< Now he just seems to be everywhere! Our Director of Marketing was recently on a trip […]

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Character Concepts: Sneak Peak

In more of our recent titles (plus a fewer older game titles) we have shown you the character concepts. As part of our process here at Her Interactive, the characters for each game are created with a lot of love and care. The character ideas start with our Design team, primarily our Writer and Designer. […]

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Inside the Artist’s Studio

Several months ago, (early March, 2012) I got permission from our Character Designer, Van, to snap some photos of what he was working on. This is a picture of his touch-ups to one of the characters in The Deadly Device. In the game, you are not likely to see this person’s feet, but know this: […]

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Preparing for DED Pre-Orders

Ah yes, today we were busying away with preparing for when The Deadly Device pre-orders start! (Which is Monday, ahh!) We are preparing a contest, contest images, a newsletter, images for our web site and one or two for our social media channels, and other little behind-the-scenes things. Oh my! I nearly forgot! I need […]

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