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Sonny Speaks #1 + Weekend Puzzle #235

Today we shared this fun picture: We’ve got some more great “Sonny Speaks” episodes to come, because there are some excellent still shots from all his animation clips… which I had fun grabbing. 😛 Anyways, will you be playing The Captive Curse this weekend in our Nancy Drew marathon? Don’t forget to try out the […]

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Sonny Joon: Before and After

Now that everyone has seen Sonny Joon in his fully-modeled 3D form in the game, and heard his voice, I have noticed many comments about him. One of the comments I have seen often is about how fans like the box art art version better and are disappointed withe the 3D Sonny. Here’s the comparison […]

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The Characters of The Shattered Medallion

We recently released the character profiles on our page! Check them out here! What are your first thoughts about these characters? Is it still too early to become very suspicious of any single character? There is no weekend puzzle today. Instead, we continue our Nancy Drew marathon! This weekend’s mission: to watch ALL of the […]

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A Cold Day for Recording

Today it got really cold outside at the office. While it hasn’t snowed yet, it was frosty, yet sunny and bright out. It was also an excellent day for a field trip to the recording studio! I got to sit in on Jennifer’s session for Bess Marvin. (So excited!) Although I forgot to take photos […]

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Creating a Character

Hooray! Wehlaunched a new behind the scenes video today on our YouTube Channel! Check it out:e This is definitely one of our longest videos,ibut that’s because there is a lot to show! I’ve been collecting video footage over the past year to show you everything that happens insthis process, so a lot of the content […]

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Kate Drew — Modeled

Another part of what I’m working on this week had me looking through Kate Drew’s 3D model, particularly the sample models that our character designer creates for our animators: Since there really aren’t many descriptions in the Nancy Drew books to go off on, we were able to design Kate how we imagined her to […]

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Work in Progress

I suppose I shall share with you a little of what I’m working on today. Today I wear slippers around the office, eat cookies, interrogate people, play with green material and tape, watch videos, laugh at some some outtakes, hover over the artist’s shoulders, and snoop through the newest art files. I have gathered several […]

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Ewan’s Mouse Pad

For those of you who have not played The Silent Spy, you should totally play it! For those who have, you may recognize this image below. It is a close up of Ewan’s desk. See that awesome Cathedral mouse pad? I dove into the artists’ archives and grab a copy of this very mouse pad […]

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Identify That Game!

Veterans Day! A big thank you to all who served! I thought I’d grab a screen shot to share with you to tease what I’m working on right now: Also, it looks like a bunch of you were able to find the secret message in the weekend puzzle! Congrats! Since there were only a few […]

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Jackalopes in The Silent Spy

Last June some Her Interactive team members traveled across the bridge to Seattle, where our favorite local sound recording studio is (it’s right near the Safeco baseball field). At the time, I couldn’t really share with or show you much since The Silent Spy was still kind of a secret. The team got together and […]

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