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STfD Day 2 on Twitch!

Tonight we complete Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger on Twitch! This time, Tess will be playing the game. Hopefully we will make better progress than I did yesterday. 😛 Join us tonight for a chance to win some prizes! Reminder: you can now get the digital download here. If you missed yesterday’s stream, you […]

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Labor Day Weekend (Weekend Puzzle #315)

It’s Labor Day weekend! We will be out of the office on Monday in honor of that, so we’ll see you on Tuesday. Hope you all have a great 3-day weekend as well! We’ve released the next character art from Midnight in Salem: Meet Teegan Parris! Don’t forget! We have a sale all this weekend! […]

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A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Hey, guys! We’ve got lots of items to cover today. First, have you guys seen the latest MID character art? This week we’re featuring a familiar face: Deirdre Shannon! Check out our Facebook post about it to see more of her character description AND to find out the name of next week’s feature. Second, it’s National […]

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Gummy Bears (And Weekend Puzzle #311)

Yes, we celebrate odd holidays… because we are odd and need a reason to justify eating candy. Gummy bears are a favorite candy for Ryan Kilpatrick in Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device, and as Nancy, you’ll need a few gummy bears for your sleuthing. Trust me. They are very necessary. 😉 If you haven’t played […]

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The Secret of Titusville

If you watched my video last week then you know The Secret of the Old Clock is not only my favorite classic Nancy Drew game but also my Nancy Drew favorite book. If you are familiar with Her Interactive and our games at all, you know we like to hide little references or Easter Eggs […]

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Codes & Clues News!

Ok, here’s what we’ve been working on these past several months, but didn’t share with you the details since we were working on them. Now we have a few bits and pieces to share! Read the official press release here and check out the official product page with screenshots here! I’ve re-embedded the video teaser […]

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Family Photos, Nancy Drew Style!

We are starting to receive some great entries to our cosplay contest! Check out the Worthington family’s photo: we’ve got Nancy Drew, Charlotte, Minette, and “Das Monster.” Will you be dressing up as a Nancy Drew Character for the contest? As for the weekend puzzle, it looks like it was solved! Here’s the drop quote […]

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Throwbacks and Outfits

Today’s Throwback Thursday moment is from The Haunted Carousel! (If you don’t have this game, you can get the digital download today for 50% off using promo code CAR50 at checkout.) Also, we shared this Nancy Drew inspired outfit of Elisabet from Sea of Darkness. (Created in our Polyvore account.) Will you be dressing up […]

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Sea of Darkness Characters!

Hooray! We have officially released the character bios on the Sea of Darkness page! Check them out here. Ok, what is your initial reaction? Do you have an instant favorite? Someone you find most intriguing? Who is your first guess to being the culprit? -Little Jackalope

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March Madness and Charlotte

Hey all! We are doing another Nancy Drew: March Madness this year, but this time, instead of voting for the best games, you vote for the best character of all time. You can keep updated with our brackets on this page here and download the chart yourself if you’d like to fill it out for […]

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