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The Deadly Device Characters!!

The characters of The Deadly Device have been revealed! Read more about each one on the Character Profiles page now! Check out the new weekly poll to the right. So tell me, which character are you most looking forward to speaking with in the game? Do any of them strike you as the suspicious type? […]

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Creative People (and Fans!)

Update: Nothing to report on the Egg Mystery. 🙁 I wish I had more clues to go off of… Today I wanted to focus on some creative people. First: Happy sweet 16th birthday Sarah!! I hope you had a great one! Sorry, but I ate your Koko Kringle Kupcake over here… One of our former […]

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Top secrets…and a contest!

I got to sit in on another top-secret meeting this morning. It was a meeting about our next game, and we were coming up with ideas for what to ask the phone characters before our writer and designer go to record those character voices. In the back of my head I was thinking about how, […]

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TMB Characters Revealed!

First things first; Did you know that today is “smoke and mirrors day”? We have a Facebook Special going on in honor of this. You can purchase my favorite game, The Final Scene digital download for 25% off (today only) using promo code FINAL25 at checkout. Surprise! We have announced the characters of Tomb of […]

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Digging for Treasure = Brady?!

My version of treasure hunting is finding all sorts of little pieces of history, information and art from past and present games. I went digging for something specific and decided to take a detour, exploring the folders and files along the way. This one particularly caught my eye: A movie poster from The Final Scene […]

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Alibi in Ashes Characters

I’m super excited to introduce you to the characters of Alibi in Ashes! Whoo-hoo!! The Character Profiles page is now live with images and descriptions of the suspects and Nancy’s friends. ~Deirdre Shannon~ So what are your thoughts on these characters? Whose your favorite so far? How do you like Ned? There have been some […]

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