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Warnings at Waverly Academy: I can’t pick up the Key in the Closet!

If you are having trouble picking up the key from the closet in Warnings at Waverly Academy, check your monitor (computer screen) Display Settings. If you can see the key when the closet light is switched off in the game, the Brightness Setting on your monitor is too high. Turn down the Brightness to continue […]

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The Haunted Carousel: Barnacle Blaster Paddle is Hard to Control

If the paddle for the Barnacle Blaster game in The Haunted Carousel lags or moves erratically, it means that the current video card driver installed on the machine does not correctly support DirectX 9.0. Her Interactive does not offer a patch for this specific problem. Updating your video card driver, or using a video card […]

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2753 Error during Install or Uninstall

Windows Error 2753 occurs during installation or uninstallation when a file in the Temp folder is recognized as a duplicate of a file in use. Clearing the Temp folder can resolve this error. 1) Open your Start Menu. 2) If you are using Windows XP, select ‘Run,’ and type in %TEMP% then hit Enter.  If […]

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White Wolf of Icicle Creek – Demo Opens instead of Full Game

After installing The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, the Demo version of the game runs instead of the full game. Uninstall the White Wolf of Icicle Creek Demo. Once the Demo is uninstalled, install the full game as normal.  

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Patch – Secrets Can Kill: Flower Puzzle in Aunt Eloise’s Safe

The flower puzzle in Aunt Eloise’s safe appears as a blank wooden box with nothing inside. No sliding puzzle pieces are available. If you do not see any puzzle pieces, please download and install the ndsck1.exe patch by taking the following steps. 1. Download attached file: ndsck1.exe 2. Save the file to the Secrets Can […]

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Patch – Stay Tuned for Danger: Mattie’s Cabinet and Senior Detective Timer

There are two separate patches are available for each of the following items respectively: 1. Clicking on Mattie’s cabinet sends player to Dwayne’s office. 2. Playing on Senior Detective, need more time to solve puzzles. Please download and install the appropriate patch following the directions below. 1. For Mattie’s cabinet, click on the attached file […]

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Patch – Danger on Deception Island: Clams Missing and CSound Error

Two separate patches are available on this page, one for each of the following items: 1. Game crashes when speaking to Casey about the wood samples and gives error message: CSound::Load Digi Sound()-channel 13 error, file E:CD SoundNCP06na.his,CDirect Sound()-Could not open file, most recent HRESULT Direct Sound func Return=DS_OK 2. Unable to find all the […]

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Patch – Message in a Haunted Mansion: Bird Inlay Puzzle and CSound Error

Two separate patches are available on this page, one for each of the following items: 1. Update resolves multiple freezing problems and fixes miscellaneous Csound errors. 2. Cannot solve Bird Inlay puzzle. RESOLUTION: Please download and install the appropriate patch following the directions below. 1. For freezing and Csound errors, click on the attached update […]

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Patch – The Final Scene: Simone’s Purse, Stuck in Projector Room, and Installer

A single patch is available to correct these three problems: 1) Unable to close Simone’s purse when Closed-Captioning is disabled. 2) Modify/Repair/Remove window is displayed when installing The Final Scene on computers with Treasure in a Royal Tower already installed. 3) Confined to Projector Room on Day 3. Please download and install the following patch […]

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Patch – Secret of the Scarlet Hand: Phonecall and Monolith Freeze

Patch to correct this problem: Game freezes while speaking on the phone or at the Monolith. Please download and install the following patch to resolve the multiple freezing problems experienced while playing the game. Click on the attached file and select ‘Run from this Location’ or ‘Open’ to install the update to your game.

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