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Redeem a Google Play promotional code

Use your Google Play promo code Open the Google Play Store app . Tap Menu Redeem. Enter your code. Tap Redeem.   Redeem Google Play promo code using your computer

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Redeem Apple iTunes Promo or Content Codes

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

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Nancy Drew: #2 Stay Tuned for Danger – Installation

Stay Tuned for Danger Digital Installer Instructions Make sure you’re logged on as an Administrator for your computer, temporarily disable your anti-virus protection (be sure to re-enable your anti-virus protection after the game download is complete). In order to install the digital download of Stay Tuned for Danger (STFD) the following steps will need to be […]

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Dinghy Motor Fix

Many players have become stuck on fixing the motor on the dinghy. There is no glitch in the activity, but if you have any issues with the rest of the game, please contact us at and we can help. Below is the explanation of how to solve the puzzle, without giving away the solution. […]

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Windows 8 – Game Installation

This post gives instructions on how to install an older game disc onto Windows 8. To install an older game on Windows Vista or Windows 7 click here. If the disc has trouble reading and installing, click here. Please use the following instructions when trying to install on Windows 8. Make sure you’re logged in […]

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Curse of Blackmoor Manor: iWin Download

ISSUE: Unable to save game #11 The Curse of Blackmoor Manor if downloaded from iWin. CAUSE: An error with the install process when downloading Curse of Blackmoor Manor from iWin.  RESOLUTION: Create a folder for saved games by taking the following steps: 1. Browse to the game folder you created while downloading the game: C:Program […]

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Warnings at Waverly Academy: I can’t pick up the Key in the Closet!

If you are having trouble picking up the key from the closet in Warnings at Waverly Academy, check your monitor (computer screen) Display Settings. If you can see the key when the closet light is switched off in the game, the Brightness Setting on your monitor is too high. Turn down the Brightness to continue […]

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The Haunted Carousel: Barnacle Blaster Paddle is Hard to Control

If the paddle for the Barnacle Blaster game in The Haunted Carousel lags or moves erratically, it means that the current video card driver installed on the machine does not correctly support DirectX 9.0. Her Interactive does not offer a patch for this specific problem. Updating your video card driver, or using a video card […]

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2753 Error during Install or Uninstall

Windows Error 2753 occurs during installation or uninstallation when a file in the Temp folder is recognized as a duplicate of a file in use. Clearing the Temp folder can resolve this error. 1) Open your Start Menu. 2) If you are using Windows XP, select ‘Run,’ and type in %TEMP% then hit Enter.  If […]

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White Wolf of Icicle Creek – Demo Opens instead of Full Game

After installing The White Wolf of Icicle Creek, the Demo version of the game runs instead of the full game. Uninstall the White Wolf of Icicle Creek Demo. Once the Demo is uninstalled, install the full game as normal.  

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