Indy Goes To Salem + Weekend Puzzle #380

Ahoy hoy Sleuths!

Indy here and I am slowly coming off the Nancy Drew high induced by the Nancy Drew Fall 2023 Convention in Salem, MA!  The convention was nothing short of amazing, or “rude” as Minette would say. The convention is put on by Nancy Drew Fans and their mission is simple:

“Our mission is to walk in Nancy Drew’s footsteps each year at our conventions. We select a theme book—one of the classic 56 hardcover Nancy Drew books printed from 1930 to 1979—that is set in a real location, and we do things that Nancy Drew and her chums did in the books. This adds that nostalgic flair to our conventions so they’re much more special than a generic location! While we may not chase villains down dark alleys or sleuth for secret passageways (yet!), we do manage to mix real-life locations with book hunting and activities based on the mystery in the theme book(s) for a fabulous event of mystery and ‘mayhem.'”

Just a few of our Saturday activities — including yours truly!

The convention would be nothing without Nancy Drew fans like you and me but more importantly, one very avid and knowledgeable collector named Jenn Fisher. Jenn is the fearless leader of the Nancy Drew Sleuths fan club. She has appeared on our Unlocked! The Nancy Drew podcast and written for HeR News before so be sure to check them out if you are the least bit curious about her. Jenn plans just about every bit of the conventions, and it is so evident to anyone who attends how much Nancy love is woven throughout the entire week. I was absolutely blown away by even the smallest details that had so much thought behind them.

This past month the fall 2023 convention was themed after all things spooky, and we participated in activities inspired by our game Nancy Drew: Midnight in Salem, the classic yellow back book The Invisible Intruder, and the episodes of the CW Nancy Drew show that feature the Aglaeca storyline. I got to walk in Nancy and Deidre’s footsteps visiting the real-life Town Hall where Teegan’s museum lives and followed Frank and Joe’s path in our very own ghost hunt throughout Salem, and even a cemetery.

Exploring Salem Town Hall and posing with a very old copy of The Witch Tree Symbol in front of the John Ward House.

Going to conventions alone can make even the bravest sleuth a little anxious, but when you’re surrounded by a hundred other Nancy Drew fans it’s hard to ever feel “alone.” I was so lucky to meet the nicest mother and daughter on night one. Laurie and Kasey might just be even bigger Nancy Drew fans than me! All week we chatted about our favorite Nancy Drew games and TV episodes while looking for the very best lobster rolls and fried clams on the East Coast.

On the left is the Mystery and Mayhem final night dinner with fellow Nancy Drew fans Laurie, Kasey, and the Aglaeca. Kasey is cosplaying as Nancy Drew from the CW show, her red hair and scarf are perfect! On the right is me rocking all the essential sleuthing materials in my Nancy Drew backpack, ready to take on my free day in Salem and the ghost tour at night!

I have so much more to share about the convention, everyone I met, the talks on the final day that were so interesting, visiting the Corwin House (Witch House) that inspired the Hathorne House – the list goes on and on!  Stay tuned for more convention-themed blog posts headed your way. In the meantime, *checks notes* yep, I thought so. The Clue Crew is long overdue for another weekend puzzle. Get your pens out, put your puzzle hats on, and check out Weekend Puzzle #380 below!

Weekend Puzzle #380


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3 responses to “Indy Goes To Salem + Weekend Puzzle #380”

  1. Erin says:

    Hi Indy! This is Erin from the Nancy Drew convention. It was a dream come true to meet you and talk Nancy Drew with you and it is something I will never forget! Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and for the bracelets! You’re awesome!

    • Indy says:

      Hi Erin! I was just about to mention you in my next post, you beat me to it! It was absolutely lovely meeting you and your dad. Us fellow Hoosiers have to stick together, right? I am so glad you liked the bracelets, I had so much fun making each night. I am getting a head start on next year and will have even more! My little stock pile is starting to get bigger than anything Iggy or Casper could steal and hide away 🙂 – Indy

      • Erin says:

        Aww, thank you so much for the kind words Indy! You’re mentioning me in a post?! AAHH! Dream come true! Again, it was so great meeting you and hopefully I’ll see you at another convention sometime! <3

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