It’s the Hi Life

We have a little-known T-shirt design available in our Amazon collection…

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Amazon t-shirts

That’s right, traveling the world, getting lost, solving mysteries, interrogating suspects, snooping in other people’s things, exploring and more… it’s the HeR Interactive lifestyle. Show your pride! Shop for this t-shirt on Amazon here!

Also, we have a new coloring page for you! No shame, adults can color, too! Download the print out here.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Coloring Page

-Little Jackalope


7 responses to “It’s the Hi Life”

  1. Emerald says:

    You didn’t post the answer to Friday’s puzzle.

  2. Huw Miller says:

    Weird… I always thought that the HI Life tee wasn’t made by you guys… haha that’s funny

  3. Any says:

    Can you make a T-shirt with puffin from SEA or with that bat(CAP)?Or (again) with Mr.Mingles?

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