Odyssey & the Hardy Boys (Weekend Puzzle #350)

Hey all! We are offering a new game on our web site, perhaps you’ve seen it or heard of it? Odyssey!

We are excited to have partnered with The Young Socratics to bring you an all-new mystery adventure game – Odyssey.  In the past, we have never published 3rd party titles on our site.  But then, after meeting the founders of The Young Socratics (a new start up company), playing their game and understanding their vision, it was obvious that we have similar goals and ideals as a company. Their game environments are similar in style to ours, and they have challenging puzzles.

We both are encouraging of kids, girls and any students having fun learning, especially when related to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

The Young Socratics is the company who made and developed Odyssey, which was originally released on Steam in April. HeR Interactive did not, in any way, dedicate any resources to it.  We are simply making it available on our site so that we can make it available to our fans. (This in no way affects the development of Midnight in Salem, as TYS are not the ones we are outsourcing to.)

Many fans have been asking around for game recommendations to play in the meantime as we are making the next Nancy Drew game. (Which does not have a release date yet, since we are unsure of its estimated completion, and do not want to give you a false date that we bypass while on a new course in our production schedule.)

This is a great game to try out! I’ve played a few hours worth of it and realize that it’s getting trickier – but I’m learning some cool things. I encourage you to support The Young Socratics team in their venture to make education fun in the form of a game. To learn more about them, the game, and to purchase the digital download, visit the web page here.

Also, if you’d like more info, read out official press release in our news section here: HeR Interactive Partners with The Young Socratics to Distribute ‘Odyssey.’

Side note! Tammy Tuckey, our podcast host, interviewed the actors of the recent Frank and Joe Hardy in our games! Listen to the podcast and subscribe to it on iTunes here, or watch-listen to the YouTube video here:

Here’s your weekend puzzle, enjoy!

Keyword: Ned. (No Q about it.)

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-Little Jackalope

38 responses to “Odyssey & the Hardy Boys (Weekend Puzzle #350)”

  1. Happypuppyharley says:

    I love STEM. I’ve been taking STEM for three years now and I love it! I think girls should look into it more, it opens up more job opportunities and pays well.

  2. Mak says:

    I love this type of cipher, it always reminds me of National Treasure 🙂

  3. Jackson says:

    Hi LJ, Thank you for offering other games in the meantime! Also, you say this is the first time you have sold a 3rd party game, but an Agatha Christie game is for sale off your online store.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Jackson, we have not posted that game on our shop games page.

      • Jackson says:

        I think it is the ABC murders. I had it in my basket, but was afraid to order it. It is not on the HeR site, but on the digital river HeR store. Maybe it is a mistake? But it is there. 🙂

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hi Jackson, I would recommend not purchasing it if it isn’t on our shop games page. The fact that ABC murders is showing up with Digital River could be an error.

          • Jackson says:

            Ok, here is the link if you want to take it down if it is a mistake.
            (you dont need to publish this comment, it is just to help!)

            *edited link*

            LJ: Thanks for sharing, Jackson. Please hold off on completing that transaction as we don’t officially offer that game at this time. Thanks!

  4. Will says:

    Ah okay, this makes sense! 🙂

    I thought it seemed like very similar game to the ones that HER develops, hence my assumption that HER had invested time into it.

    Either way I’m very glad that you guys are promoting it because it looks very interesting! 😀

    Hope you have a good weekend, LJ.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will the composer for MID still be Thomas Regin? Also, even if you can’t share it with us, do you personally know what the cover for MID looks like?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Anonymous, I cannot say who the composer of the next Nancy Drew game is, and no, I have not seen what the game cover will look like. I am looking forward to it, though!

      • Gnillet (the real one) says:

        You can’t say because you don’t know, or you can’t say because you’re not allowed to say?

        • Em says:

          Does it really matter? No. The answer is no.

          • Gnillet (the real one) says:

            It matters to me . . . if they can’t tell us because they don’t know then that’s more concerning. HeR is supposed to know about their own product. If they know but aren’t allowed to say, then that’s different. In that case, the people at HeR do know what is going on, they just can’t release the info.

  6. Bess says:

    Wss this the substantial update that was mentioned a month or two ago?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Bess! No, the “substantial” update has been delayed.

      • Gnillet (the real one) says:

        Why and for how long?

        • Em says:

          Obviously, if there was an answer to this, you would have it.

          • Gnillet (the real one) says:

            I thought maybe there was a development in the situation. If there’s still nothing new to report, then okay. I actually emailed customer support with a question, but those individuals said that the ASB would have more up-to-date information, which is why I always ask here. And sometimes I forget I already asked the same question, which is why I may seem redundant. There is a lot of information to process in 2 years so I don’t always remember facts and things about MID.

          • Little Jackalope says:

            Hello again Gnillet, this is true that IF there are any teases or behind-the-scenes news about MID, it would show up here. To find all instances of the topic on MID, please use the drop-down menu of Blog Categories to the right of the ASB posts. If you are looking for official new, please visit the About Us — News section of our site.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s great that you guys are promoting this new game. However, I believe you are losing MANY followers/fans of your Nancy Drew games by not giving us any explanation on the MID game. This is very disappointing. Even just a small explanation would be nice. I hope this doesn’t result in a huge loss and therefor no more games. Unfortunately…I (along with many others) are getting restless and impatient. I don’t think I will be checking in much longer if there is not a post solely dedicated to MID.

    • Gnillet (the real one) says:

      I completely agree with you. I asked a while ago if there could be a post solely about MID, but since they can’t/won’t share any new info, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. The only reason I still check is so I’ll know if MID is ever actually released. At this point, I don’t really care either way.

      • Gnillet (the real one) says:

        Since I no longer support HeR and won’t be purchasing the game.

        • Gnillet (the real one) says:

          Because they took my loyalty for granted and don’t deserve it anymore.

        • Em says:

          If you “no longer support HeR” and they supposedly don’t deserve your loyalty, perhaps you shouldn’t feel obligated to read the blog so faithfully, and constantly badger LJ with questions about a game you will never be buying.

          • Gnillet (the real one) says:

            Sorry. I just want this whole thing to be over already so I can move on. I need the closure. I never blamed Little Jackalope or the people in marketing. It’s the people in charge I’m talking about.

          • Gnillet (the real one) says:

            They have to see that they will lose customers.:(

          • Gnillet (the real one) says:

            The last time I posted to the blog was August 16th, and I wasn’t even asking LJ a question, I was responding to someone else. Before that, the last time I posted was August 11 . . . I forgot I had already asked the same question. And before THAT, the last time I posted was on July 29th – I had discovered some concerning things about Cosmic Toast so I wanted to ask for clarification on a startling matter. I only posted to THREE blog posts this month out of eleven. I guess your definition of “bagering” is different then mine . . . let’s agree to disagree.

          • Little Jackalope says:

            Hello Gnillet, if you would like to discuss topics unrelated to the post of the day, feel free to use the Message Boards to share with fellow gamers. Thanks!

          • Gnillet (the real one) says:

            *badgering (my keyboard has a mind of its own)

  8. Riza says:

    As far as Midnight in Salem goes, does HER still plan on releasing around two games per year in the future, as they previously stated. It seems like that won’t be possible considering how long it is taking to create and release MID. Also, can we expect a letter to the fans from the CEO of HER anytime soon? The last letter to the fans that updated us on any Midnight in Salem progress was quite a long time ago, and I think everyone would really appreciate an official word from the head of the company. There are so many individuals that have given up on HER and there are also a lot of rumors floating around that say Midnight in Salem has been cancelled. Perhaps addressing the issue head on and definitively would quell some of the anger, bitterness, and hostility. So many people love this company and the work you do, and the generic vague remarks provided thus far don’t instill any confidence or reassure us.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Riza, I have addressed rumors as I see them come. MID has not been cancelled. We are still working on it and hope to have something to share with you sooner than later.

  9. Susan Dugger says:

    will we get a paper strategy guide or download guide with the new game.

  10. Annie says:

    Will there be a board on the message boards for Odyssey?

  11. Brittany says:

    Thank you for sharing the Odyssey game. It was fun! Gnillet and others who are frustrated with the delays, when you research new game development with a new platform, it can take a couple of years at least to produce a new product. This is a huge change and I have read several explanations regarding it on multiple posts. It makes sense that not much can be said because we don’t know what challenges are being experienced in the new game development and all that people really care about is a release date. We definitely know they are working on the game and that’s a huge comfort. Give these guys a break! I’m sure they are working their tails off and have handled our frustrations with a lot of class.

    • Gnillet (the real one) says:

      I’m not frustrated with the delay, I’m frustrated because I loved this company so much and I don’t recognize it at all anymore. No straightforward answers, they fired all of their in-house staff . . . the list goes on and on. The first letter I ever wrote to them about MID, I got a vague copy-paste answer that didn’t even address my question. So I took to social media, and my question was deleted. (It was perfectly polite, by the way.) This made me feel like they didn’t care about their long-time, loyal customers anymore. Lastly, I want to apologize if I ever seemed “harsh” when asking questions. My feelings were very hurt, but I know that is no excuse. All I want is some closure so I can put all this MID stuff behind me.

      • Gnillet (the real one) says:

        And HeR isn’t working their tails off with MID, the company they outsourced to is . . . they fired the staff.

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