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Returning Game Fears

Have you experienced this Nancy Drew moment? Whenever I play a Nancy Drew game like Message in a Haunted Mansion, I usually know what’s coming next. However, I always fear entering the parlor because I haven’t quite figured out when the fire happens. Every time I pass through the door I hold my breath and […]

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What Sonny Says…

Today we posted a photo on Facebook for another Caption Contest! Head over to our page and comment on the photo of me and Sonny with your most creative caption. The prize? A Flying Cow mug from our merchandise store:  Also, the other day we posted this Nancy Drew Moment: Do you remember when you […]

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New Message Boards!

We have updated our message boards! It has been years (like…7 or 8 years) since they have been really updated, and it needed it. Especially in the back end, which none of you see, and it is mostly for technical specifications. That being said, there are some changes that do affect you all in the […]

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Memorizing the Games

For those of us players who like to replay the Nancy Drew mysteries over and over, we tend to memorize random parts. For example, certain quotes like “Fifty drumsticks, please! Chicken, that is. Cluck, cluck!” or even “You’re asking the wrong amnesiac!” Other things we might remember would be where to find an Easter egg […]

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Blowing Up Chemicals — It’s a Nancy Drew Thing

We shared this Nancy Drew moment today: How many of you have experienced the frustration and paranoid fear when you tried solving this puzzle? Each time I play The Haunting of Castle Malloy and reach this puzzle I get nervous. Using the claw to pick up the individual elements without touching anything else is a […]

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Shadows in Your Face

In honor of Ghost of Thornton Hall now being available for the iPad, we shared this Nancy Drew Moment today: Was anyone else startled when you opened the showroom door to exit to the hallway and saw a shadow move in front of you? I love those unexpected moments of surprise fear! The unexpected moments […]

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Playing for Second Chances

One of the fun things about playing a Nancy Drew game are “second chances”. While they are very appreciated at the times where you fail at something or do something wrong, these second chance sequences can also be entertaining. Have you ever purposefully made a mistake or purposefully done something wrong in the game just […]

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The Little Spooks

We shared this classic Nancy Drew moment today: It’s another one of my favorites. When you hear the whisper “I seeeeeeee yooooooooou” on the staircase and when you look at just the right moment at the girl portrait on the wall…she blinks. This is perhaps one of the scariest moments playing a Nancy Drew game […]

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“An’ They’re All Robin Hood!”

Today we posted this Nancy Drew moment from Curse of Blackmoor Manor: It’s one of my favorite Nancy Drew moments of all time; being able to fully quote Tommy at the Boar’s Head Pub with a cockney accent. All those funny food names! I love it. In real life, though, I believe I have tried […]

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The Thrill of a Scary Game

We posted this Nancy Drew moment today from Ghost of Thornton Hall: Often do we get scared when something spooky happens or something creepy appears in a game, but then there is that thrill feeling that we experience in wanting to be scared, and wanting to see something so fascinating! I can’t speak for everyone, […]

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