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Nancy Drew for the Holidays

We shared this Nancy Drew moment with you today: We heard that many of you already had the entire Nancy Drew game collection, and we understand. So we made this in honor of you. XD For those of you who are missing a game, Christmas is just around the corner! It’s an excellent time to […]

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Collecting EVERYTHING in Sight

We posted this Nancy Drew moment from The Silent Spy today: To poke fun at Nancy, she is always collecting things. Things that are immediately available and things that belong to other people. Pretty much everything in sight! We could call her a kleptomaniac, but really! Don’t we, ourselves, enjoy collecting things in the games? […]

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Scary Love

So… we got a little sassy and posted this today: Ah yeah! If you have played Nancy’s 23rd mystery, Shadow at the Water’s Edge, you will totally understand the “humor” of this image. I won’t spoil what happens at this part of the game, but if you haven’t played this, may highly recommend it! This […]

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Nancy’s House in SPY

(Hey all! I was out yesterday, therefore no post was made).As for today, we posted this fun Nancy Drew moment: This scene was shown in the SPY Trailer a few times, meaning it will be shown, of course, in the game. What did you think of Nancy’s home? You got to explore it a bit […]

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“I’d like a bowl of gumbo, please!”

The day has finally come when a food truck came by our office building that serves gumbo! Hooray! Bess in Legend of the Crystal Skull has the opportunity to visit a nearby food truck, called “Granny’s Cajun Cooking”. I got to experience this Nancy Drew–er–Bess Marvin Moment in real life today:   Our artist, John, […]

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Hidden Spies and Nancy Facts

Looks like some of you took to your research, and great detective work, by the way, too! The few facts we know about Nancy’s mom for certain in the books are these: • Nancy’s heritage is Scottish on her mom’s side (Read The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes)• Nancy’s mom’s maiden name was Austin• She […]

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Going Through the Trash

Can any of you identify with this Nancy Drew Moment? How excited we get when playing a Nancy Drew game when the opportunity arises to rifle through a character’s trash! There is often something of interest in there, and it is an excellent skill to be observant in every area of an environment. Thankfully most […]

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Nancy Lives For…..Forever!

Let me jump right into the weekend puzzle solution. To horribly trip you up in solving it was to leave out a missing letter (sorry!). While there are several word combinations that can come from these letters… O E R T L A P S N I E The correct anagram bust is this: [Alien […]

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Hot Weather = Great for Ice Cream!

Flat Sonny and I return to Washington from our trip to San Diego! (I’ll post some pictures later). Although temperature only stayed around 85 degrees Fahrenheit, Washington surprised me with even hotter weather. It’s in the 90s here and we are certainly not used to this heat! Tomorrow the ice cream truck comes by, so […]

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Collecting Nancy Drew Moments

Perhaps you own all of the books, maybe you have played all of the games, or suppose you have also seen the TV series from the 70s. Are you a big fan and collector of everything Nancy Drew? Or is your collection just getting started? Somewhere in your home is a shelf with a few […]

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