Embarrassing Moments

I find this Nancy Drew moment from Ransom of the Seven Ships hilarious:


I can only imagine the funny conversation that could happen with someone about this…

Friend: So how did your game go?

Me: Well… I played against monkeys…which was interesting

Friend: Monkeys? Really?

Me: Yeah, I had to play them in order to progress in the case

Friend: Did you win?

Me: No, I lost.

Friend: You what…?

Me: I lost. Multiple times.

Friend: So you played games against monkeys…and lost?

Me: *Sigh* Yeah…

Friend: Only in your Nancy Drew world…eh?

I rather like this random Nancy Drew-ism. It’s also available to put on a t-shirt in our merchandise store, in case you want to show how proud you are. Or how proudly embarrassed you are…

-Little Jackalope

12 responses to “Embarrassing Moments”

  1. ND's #1 fan says:

    Haha that IS hilarious! Mostly because that’s pretty much how my mom reacted when I told her that I lost..XD

  2. Nathaniel says:

    Did you admit to your friends that you too indeed lose to the monkeys? 😛 and what did they say?

  3. Adriana and Alexandra says:

    Hi LJ!
    We’re identical twins and its our 14th birthday on Saturday June 7th.
    We were wondering if we could get a birthday shoutout!
    Thank you so much!
    Adriana and Alexandra

  4. SpyGirl says:

    Yeah, that IS an embarrassing moment (I’ve felt it many times after a round of throwing coconuts [which is a fun mini game])
    Say, I was looking into Secrets Can Kill Remastered, and was wondering, do think it would install and run smoothly on Windows 8? I’ve been playing all my older games on my Windows XP, but now that I have a Win 8, I’m skeptical about how far back in games I can install on it. I guess I’m saying this because I heard that some people were having difficulty with certain games on Win 8. So maybe you can clue me in to which games (including SCK remasteted) should install well. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  5. Cambria says:

    lol, awesome ND moment! 😛 Question: i finished MED (loved it by the way!!!) and there was no character art/bloopers! did you guys not have them for this game or am i not looking in the right spot? thanks!!!


    • Little Jackalope says:

      I don’t believe we had bloopers/outtakes for MED. 🙁 The artists spent more time on puzzles and environments I think.

  6. Cambria says:

    sorry i meant NANCYGEEK lol typo

  7. Kristen says:

    @SpyGirl-I have a Windows 8 laptop and I have had no trouble installing the older games like Message In A Haunted Mansion and such. I use this:


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