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Halloween 2014

Happy Halloween everyone! We have a big sale on the scary games tonight! (Only for tonight! So hurry to place your order!) Would you open the door to any of these…uh… characters? XD Also, we posted the winner of the pumpkin carving contest! To check out who won, along with viewing the finalists, visit the […]

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The Spiders in Nancy’s Life

In Stay Tuned for Danger, the prop room had a little spider crawl away from an oil can on the shelf. In Ghost of Thornton Hall, a large spider drops down right in front of your face. In Danger by Design, a spider hangs out in the wall. But the worst spider of all was […]

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Mystery Nightmares

Here’s a classic Nancy Drew moment from Curse of Blackmoor Manor: Do you remember this? I found this to be super bizarre and a bit disturbing…! But so awesome! Have you ever had nightmares from solving other mysteries?   Speaking of creepy things, have you started work on your Nancy Drew pumpkin for the Pumpkin […]

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Elevator Habits

Today we shared this Nancy Drew moment from Treasure in the Royal Tower: Is this you? ‘Cause it’s totally me! EVERY time I enter an elevator in real life, I always check for the escape hatch. Since playing TRT soooo many times, I’ve wanted an excuse to exit through the top hatch of an elevator. […]

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The Hardy Boys Merch

We shared a few images today on our Facebook page. I’ll share them again here: THIS EXISTS! A Hardy boys pillowcase is in our merchandise store! Woot. We received this one today at our office to start putting together the Greek Prize Pack for our pre-order promotion. (You can learn how to win it here!) […]

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Sneaking Around

One of the best Nancy Drew skills you can work on is your sneaking skill. Sneaking around in places when you technically shouldn’t be is something a good detective must be able to do, without getting caught! In the Nancy Drew games you, as Nancy Drew, must sneak through hallways or explore rooms before a […]

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Getting All the Food

Do you really like food in the Nancy Drew games? Eat food? Collect food? Make food? Are you a collector of ALL the souvenirs? Then this Nancy Drew moment might totally be you: It’s like a secret mission, a big goal, an accomplishment to collect all the food and souvenirs in the game. Have you […]

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Walking the Trails

Can you relate to this Nancy Drew moment from Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake? I remember playing this game for the first time, and got lost often! Eventually I was able to recognizes little landmarks like fallen trees, stumps, random t-shirts hung up on the branches, and so on. These points helped me to navigate […]

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The Blue Roadster

Nancy’s car has often been described differently in the books, as well as changed appearances in the games. Can you relate to this Nancy Drew moment below? In the books, sometimes her car is a maroon color, but often it is blue. Sometimes it is described as a roadster, others as a convertible. What do […]

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Embarrassing Moments

I find this Nancy Drew moment from Ransom of the Seven Ships hilarious: I can only imagine the funny conversation that could happen with someone about this… Friend: So how did your game go? Me: Well… I played against monkeys…which was interesting Friend: Monkeys? Really? Me: Yeah, I had to play them in order to […]

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