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Trespassing…in Dangerous Places

What helps to make Nancy Drew games fun is being able to do things you otherwise couldn’t in real life. Or shall I say, “shouldn’t.” In real life, I don’t suggest trespassing on private property, or in places you shouldn’t. But in a Nancy Drew game like The Secret of Shadow Ranch, DO IT. Because […]

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Those Crazy Chores

What is the most silliest, bizarre, random, odd chore or task you’ve had to complete as Nancy? Was it playing games with monkeys to get what you needed? Vacuuming up prairie dogs? Collecting mushrooms from a graveyard? Doing someone’s DNA homework? Winning the highest score on the nearby arcade game? Or perhaps something like this […]

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Spying or “Detectiving”

Welcome back, sleuths! Christmas is next week!! Have you ordered any games for your friends? I remember years ago when I gave Nancy Drew games as gifts. I do believe Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake was the one I gave the most because I thought it was soooo cool. (Well… I still think it’s sooo […]

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Nancy Drew Experience: Eating Food

I often see excitement from fans over the ability to eat or make food in the Nancy Drew games. I can’t judge them — I love it, too! I remember the first time Nancy got to eat food, it was in The Haunted Carousel and she got to order three different things. It was SUCH […]

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Overcoming Threats

Do any of you remember this moment from Nancy Drew: The Final Scene? When I first played this game my reaction was “SSHHH, Nancy! You’ll let the villain know where you are at! AND you are giving away the fact that you are snooping in the projector room!” Even though I knew the suspects were […]

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Nancy in the Cold

Nancy Drew has been to many places during the winter time. One of the great dangers that she faces in solving a case with snow around is the freezing temperatures and ice. Us detectives know this too well if we have played Treasure in the Royal Tower where there is a blizzard that traps everyone […]

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List Checking

Since playing Nancy Drew games, I have personally become really good at taking notes, and making lists. Check lists, to-do lists, task lists, however you name it! I am a pro now. Lists are awesome. I love them! They help me keep my mind focused on the things that need to be done so that […]

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Learning Random Facts

Do you ever find yourself stating a fun fact that happened to learn from a Nancy Drew game? Things like identifying something from the periodic table of elements, or the Fujita scale for tornadoes? Then perhaps a few of you could relate to this Nancy Drew moment, featuring Tomb of the Lost Queen: Our office […]

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Nancy’s Destiny

For many of the Nancy Drew games, you start out at Nancy’s center of operations: her desk. This moment features Nancy desk in The Haunting of Castle Malloy, where you start off simply as a member of the wedding party in Ireland. Who knew that you’d end up with a mystery later? Well… you did… […]

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Nancy Drew Language (And Weekend Puzzle #257)

Since playing the Nancy Drew games, have you added any new words to your vocabulary? Words like “investigate” or “snoop” or “solve” or perhaps even… “rude?” (Minette says this like it means something good in Danger by Design.) Of course, there are also classic quotes from memorable characters, like “Don’t let the turkeys get you […]

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