Playing for Second Chances

One of the fun things about playing a Nancy Drew game are “second chances”. While they are very appreciated at the times where you fail at something or do something wrong, these second chance sequences can also be entertaining.

Have you ever purposefully made a mistake or purposefully done something wrong in the game just to see what would happen? A few examples would be these:

1. Curse of Blackmoor Manor: Down in the conservatory where the plants are, if you click on the giant carnivorous plant more than once.
2. Message in a Haunted Mansion: in the front hall, up on the staircase, you choose to unravel the chandelier rope for no particular reason.
3. The Final Scene: up on the balcony, when you look over the ledge to try to get something that is slightly out of reach.
4. Danger on Deception Island: Making a bad sandwich and giving it to Katie when she says she is hungry.

I love this moment:

The reaction I receive when I did something awful… is priceless. What is your favorite second chance sequence?

Instead of a weekend puzzle this weekend, I have another “tease” for you to ponder over and discuss among yourselves. It has to do with our next game, and will also be going into the merchandise store once I am finished formatting it:

We have a birthday!

~Little Jackalope~

8 responses to “Playing for Second Chances”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Why was there no post on Thursday the 23rd if you don’t mind my asking?

  2. ND's #1 fan says:

    Ah, yes! The funny second chances! I’ve never played CUR, but the other three are really fun! DDI is a really fun game, but I think that that second chance might be my favorite part in the entire game! LOL I’m bad, I know. XD I think that sequence might be my favorite, but I also like the one in ICE where Nancy, well, falls through the ice! Her phone conversation with Chantal was funny. Blowing up the kitchen is fun too! It reminds me how horrible of a cook I am LOL XD And for the tease… I have no idea. I was thinking maybe SPY concept art, but if it has to do with MED, then no clue. Maybe those are the boots Nancy will have to wear if she goes sheep-herding! LOL JK

  3. Isis4ever says:

    I’ve totally done all of those ND moments LOL. They are some of my favorite second chances. I love Katie’s face when you give her the jellyfish sandwich! 😀

    You are so mean with your teases, LJ! Just show us the whole thing! Haha.


  4. Allison says:

    I think it’s Sonny. Those look like the sort of shoes he’d wear!

  5. William D says:

    If I had to choose a favorite “Second Chance” it would probably be when Nancy is eaten by the carnivorous plant.
    Me: -clicks on it again-
    Nancy: -screams as her legs disappear into the huge plant-
    Me: o _ o Why the heck didn’t that old lady come and help…
    (I could never remember her name ;D xD)

  6. Anonymous says:

    FOCL! Yes! I do that literally ALL the time. Any time I come across a fatal spot, I’ll get Nancy/Me killed/injured/maimed/sick a bunch of times on purpose just to see the different reactions and the weird messages that pop up. They’re so funny!
    Well, if that’s when you experience a Nancy Drew moment, then I do it pretty much every day. I reimagine what Katie’s face looks like when I give her that disgusting sandwich. (I usually try to make the most disgusting and toxic combinations I can come up with)
    Ooo, shoes! I wonder who those belong to.

  7. Anonymous says:

    the tease looks like the front of someones shoes to me.

  8. Anonymous says:

    That’s why I loved the comments in earlier games, when I did something wrong. I know they became repetitive when you couldn’t manage for the 20th time or so, but still I found them extremely funny.

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