The Little Spooks

We shared this classic Nancy Drew moment today:

It’s another one of my favorites. When you hear the whisper “I seeeeeeee yooooooooou” on the staircase and when you look at just the right moment at the girl portrait on the wall…she blinks. This is perhaps one of the scariest moments playing a Nancy Drew game for the first time! The scare factor has left since that first play-through, but I will always remember how on-edge I was playing it.

As for the weekend puzzle, it looks like you have solved it! You use [binary or ASCII] code. The magnifying glasses indicate a digit in the column. The first column from the right is the “1”, then next to it is “2”, then “4” and “8” and the last one (first on the left) is “16”. Simply do the math to find each row’s number value and then then identify the letter in the alphabet.

You should get this: [Behind the Cameras] which indicates two different things. That’s all I will say!

We have a birthday!

~Little Jackalope~

2 responses to “The Little Spooks”

  1. Isis4ever says:

    When I first played MHM, I was about seven years old. That part scared me SO BADLY!! I just froze in front of the computer screen and was too scared to move. After that, I would always take the long route to avoid going anywhere near that painting whenever possible. Whenever I did have to go through the room, it seemed like it was the time for the clock to chime, which startled me… Oh, the good old days of MHM… xD


  2. ND's #1 fan says:

    Oh, I know how that feels! LOL
    MHM was my 2nd game, and that part of the game, along with the dragon screech you hear in Nancy’s room and everything else about that game scared me so bad (I also made the mistake of playing it at night) that I didn’t play it until just a little before GTH came out, almost a year later! :0 MHM is still a great game though 🙂

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