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TBT – Meeting the Hardys

Today’s awesome Throwback Thursday moment is from when we met Frank and Joe Hardy for the first time in person. This was in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon. Do you remember your first time meeting them? What did you think? In case you haven’t played this game, we have the digital copy on sale […]

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Christmas Wish List 2014

Even though we still have our American Thanksgiving day in just a couple of days… I have already started to think about Christmas. Have you started writing out your Christmas wish list? What Nancy Drew games are on your list? What Nancy Drew gear do you want to add to your ultimate Nancy Drew collection? […]

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Nancy Drew Memes

There are several great fan memes of Nancy Drew out on the internet. We decided to create a few ourselves with some very familiar characters. Behold: And after we laughed a little too much, we then went all nostalgic and shared this Throwback Thursday moment from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon: -Little Jackalope

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Hardy Boys + Scooby-Doo! (Weekend Puzzle #248)

HARDY BOYS CONFIRMED: Our character designer has re-designed the art for Frank & Joe Hardy! This illustration will be their phone avatar in Labyrinth of Lies. What do you think? Compare to the last two designs from Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon and The Creature of Kapu Cave: Also, here is the video that […]

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Teases from LIE… Continued.

So it turns out I missed a few shoes to show off from yesterday:   One of these is a newer character. One is a model version of shoes I’ve shown you, and a third… is special. Tomorrow we shall show you more. Not shoes, but something better. Stay tuned! 😉 Oh hey! We shared […]

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Egg Mystery…kinda solved…

Before I delve into the ongoing egg mystery here in the Her Interactive office, I wanted to shed some light on a pair of other office workers. Our Designer and Lead Tester were interviewed by True PC Gaming! Did I ever mentioned that our Designer and Lead Tester are twin sisters? (I think that is […]

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“Cheeseburger!” – Joe Hardy

Several adventurous Her Interactive team members (myself included) went out for lunch today. We tried out a new restaurant which specializes in burgers. While to some people, looking at food can be disgusting, I decided to go ahead and post this picture: I may be exaggerating, but my burger was about 6 inches tall. You […]

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