Leaping Lizards! It’s Fox and Geese!

Hey all! I was out of the office yesterday. But over the weekend we shared this great Nancy Drew meme from The White Wolf of Icicle Creek:


I’ve heard many fans found this puzzle to be super hard, and even gave up playing the game because of this “Fox and Geese” challenge. (The challenge was to get the fox cornered in each section to light up the animal eyes around the boarder.)

However, I’m a weird fan. I’m super good at these kinds of puzzles, and I enjoy them. 😆

Did anyone remember that you had a little practice in Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon? You had to play Leaping Lizards with Tino at one point. Too bad you couldn’t ask for advice in ICE for that…


As for the weekend puzzle, it was a Columnar Transposition cipher. Using the key word “keys” you decipher OOSORHTOHAEHWEHPTESC to be HOPETOTHOSEWHOSEARCH, or “Hope to those who search.” Which is a quote by Professor Hotchkiss in Treasure in the Royal Tower.

-Little Jackalope

5 responses to “Leaping Lizards! It’s Fox and Geese!”

  1. Yeah, I couldn’t finish the game because I couldn’t complete that puzzle. Even cheats didn’t help, I think it I bugged it out by playing it a thousand times! 🙂

  2. The Red Wolf says:

    The Leaping Lizards game was great. What I didn’t like about the Fox and Geese game was that you had to play it 3 times so each animal’s eyes lit up. And if you messed up, as was often the case for me, the game dragged on longer.

  3. Bekah says:

    This will forever confuse me as to why, but perhaps the fact I played a similar game growing up so much made it easy for me? ICE is my number one replay because I like the game so much. We’re weird together. I have my own that I dislike.. I can’t stand password puzzles where I have to gather clues unscramble them and such like the greek alphabet door- nope

  4. Artisticfighter says:

    I have replayed, and replayed, and replayed Fox and Geese in The White Wolf of Icicle Creek and can still not solve it. I have almost won a couple of times but the pig coin just keeps escaping! I really want to complete this game, but I fear I won’t be able to due to the Fox and Geese game. What I really want to know is, do I actually HAVE to play and complete the fox and geese game????? Do I have to play it to be able to complete the game??

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Artisticfighter! I’m sorry you are having trouble with this puzzle. 🙁 You will have to play Fox and Geese and win it several times (3 or 4 times) in order to complete the game. I recommend looking up some walk through or play through tips and tricks on YouTube made by fellow fans.

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