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Playing for Second Chances

One of the fun things about playing a Nancy Drew game are “second chances”. While they are very appreciated at the times where you fail at something or do something wrong, these second chance sequences can also be entertaining. Have you ever purposefully made a mistake or purposefully done something wrong in the game just […]

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“An’ They’re All Robin Hood!”

Today we posted this Nancy Drew moment from Curse of Blackmoor Manor: It’s one of my favorite Nancy Drew moments of all time; being able to fully quote Tommy at the Boar’s Head Pub with a cockney accent. All those funny food names! I love it. In real life, though, I believe I have tried […]

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Monday Alerts: Halloween

Halloween is only a few days away, so I must alert you to a few things before then. (Many of you are already aware of these.) The last day we accept entries for the Pumpkin Carving Contest is Wednesday. If you still want to carve one, hurry before time runs out! Learn more about the […]

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Nancy and SPY

I’m excited to hear that everyone is loving the newly-released cover art for The Silent Spy! I’m also aware that many of you are hesitant with how we are handling the story about Nancy’s mom. This is understandable, since it’s on a more personal level to all of us. I will leave it up to […]

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Playing Games with Friends

For my “scary games” marathon, I played Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and then this weekend played Curse of Blackmoor Manor with my Uncle Dan (ok, he was playing and I was working on the puzzles with him, watching.) It had been such a long time since I’ve played CUR and I was surprised that […]

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Weekend Puzzle #194

If you are following along with the “scary games” marathon, we are finishing up Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake tonight and playing through Curse of Blackmoor Manor this weekend, woot! Has anyone finished DOG already for this week? I’m still working on it tonight. XD rail fence We have a bit of urgent news, we […]

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Rated E for Everyone

If you have looked carefully at the box art for Ghost of Thornton Hall, you may have noticed that the game has been rated “E for Everyone” (and with “Mild Violence”). I have noticed that a few message board members brought up the question “Why is it rated E and not E10+ since we (Her […]

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Enjoying Yellow Chicks

Today was off to a rocky start, but our little experiment yesterday with the duck lamp inspired us to see what would happen to a yellow marshmallow chick, which cheered us up a little. Unfortunately, the duck lamp favors chicks over bunnies, and decided to let the chick live. The chick toasted, but didn’t melt. […]

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