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If you have looked carefully at the box art for Ghost of Thornton Hall, you may have noticed that the game has been rated “E for Everyone” (and with “Mild Violence”). I have noticed that a few message board members brought up the question “Why is it rated E and not E10+ since we (Her Interactive) claim this is going to be the scariest game to date in the Nancy Drew game collection?” Well, I can answer this for you! 🙂

We have already submitted our game and have received this rating, which is official. The ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) judges games based on several criteria, (and you can learn more about these here on their site) including Violence, Language, Humor, Blood/Gore, Suggestive themes, Drugs/Alcohol and Gambling. The only category that really affects our games rating is the Violence found in them.

One example why Shadow at the Water’s Edge received an E10+ (for Everyone ages 10 and up) is that at one point towards the end of the game, you the player (as Nancy Drew) are physically grabbed and forced into water to be drowned. This is considered more violent than say, if Nancy was going to suffocate from smoke in the burning town hall of Alibi in Ashes.

Ghost of Thornton Hall will not have such specific violence as SAW. After all, can a ghost really grab you? Maybe in some way she will in the game, I won’t say…but if she does, it will not be like that “ghost” in SAW.

Scariness is not a factor in the ESRB Rating. Since being scared is more a state of mind, it could mean different scare levels for different players. Think of Curse of Blackmoor Manor: it’s one of the scariest games we have released, yet it, too, is rated E for Everyone.

As for the scare level in GTH…you will just have to wait and experience it for yourself! Mwahahaha! XD

As for the weekend puzzle…to solve it, first highlight the entire poem with your cursor. Find the extra letters [GIZROVIZKIRO]. Then write our the alphabet forwards, then underneath that write it backwards. The letters written above are found when you reflect them against the real alphabet. Example: A=Z, B=Y, C=X and so on. Your end answer is [Trailer April]. Now how exciting is that?

~Little Jackalope~

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  1. I was wondering the same thing about the ESRB rating! Thanks for telling us:) My friends and I have already talked about why the ESRB rating was E, when SAW was rated E10.

    I. Am. So. Excited. Cannot wait!:D
    LOVE the puzzle answer, I tried to comment on Friday’s post, but my stupid computer refused to work…

    Happy birthday Meghan!!:D

    Hey, question. What’s going on with you guys retiring WAC?! It’s a newer game, and from what I’ve seen, loved by everyone.

  2. Anonymous says:

    oh, that makes since! and thanks for the answer!


  3. Anonymous says:

    That is AWESOME!!!! Can’t WAIT!!!!!


  4. Woooohooooo! Trailer in April. Can’t it get more and more better each day? Thanks LJ(:

  5. ND's #1 fan says:

    I was so silly. I did it correctly, but I used spaces, so it came out,
    ‘Trail Era Pril’ and I was like,
    “HUH? What the heck does that mean?!?!?” But then I took a second look. (^_^) lol
    -Nancy Drew’s #1 fan
    PS- yay! now I don’t have to be anonymous anymore!!!! 🙂

  6. ND's #1 fan says:

    Hey LJ, can you please give me a hint as to beating Bill Kessler at a game of Fox and Geese in ICE? I spent FOREVER trying it and looking on the message boards and everything! I even let my Dad try it but no matter what I do I can’t beat him!!!! 🙁 (i lucked out and got him on the moose corner, but i still need the pig and raccoon corners) If you could give me a hint or spoiler, I would be most appreciative. Thanks!
    -Nancy Drew’s #1 fan

  7. Wait a minute, I was checking a few things, and yes, why are you guys retiring Warnings at Waverly Acadamy? It is a newer game and alot of people really loved it, and I assumed it was a popular game being bought. Are you guys trying to re package them into making them work on Mac and PC? What’s going on?

  8. ND's #1 fan says:

    LJ, forget about my comment about my needing help w/ ICE. I just went back on it and I won!!!! Now I can finish my game!!!! 😀
    -Nancy Drew’s #1 fan

  9. Anonymous says:

    What is the story with WAC. Your not really going to retire it are you. Please please don’t. I haven’t played it yet and was hoping to get it at Christmas or some time next year.
    PS can’t wait for GTH trailer

  10. Anonymous says:

    I always thought the rating was suitable. I didn’t care for the use of alcohol in Castle Malloy,but I enjoyed the scare facor in it. I now really feel the need to buy and play SAW!

    From me,

  11. Very informative! Thanks, Little Jackalope!

    April trailers bring May videogames, eh?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can’t wait.

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