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Jennifer Writes about Millie Benson!

Jennifer Fisher, President of the Nancy Drew fan club, host of the Nancy Drew conventions, and who operates the web site wrote an article about Mildred Wirt Benson. Millie wrote 23 of the first 30 original Nancy Drew books. Check out the full article here! It’s really interesting, especially if you are not familiar […]

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New Comics Coming by Dynamite

Hey all, per the weekend puzzle, which revealed letters that read “Nancy Drew Comic Book by Dynamite” I wanted to share this bit of news for the Nancy Drew universe! Check out the full article here! What do you think? Did  you read the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys comics by Anthony Del Col? Are […]

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Day One Twitch Party – RAN

Come join our summer party playing Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships, tonight on Twitch! Follow us here to get the alerts and join the LIVE chat! Signing up is free, and if you miss the show, we will upload the “re-run” to our YouTube Channel. In honor of this party, we have the […]

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Day Two Twitch: SSH & Book 14

Tonight we continue in our internship at Beech Hill museum. Join us for the party on Twitch here! In case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s video: Don’t forget! We have this game on sale in honor of our party! Shop here. As promised to you (some fans in the chat feed yesterday were discussing this), […]

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Book 13, Pets, and the Scarlet Hand

I recently finished another Nancy Drew book for my summer reading challenge: The Mystery of the Ivory Charm. Have you read it? It’s about a traveling exotic animal show and a boy in trouble. My favorite parts about the book was at the end when long-lost family members are reunited, and a crazy building that […]

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National Sunglasses Day 2017

Put up the streamers and blow up some balloons – it’s a holiday! Haha. National Sunglasses Day is today, which is, for me, a day of appreciation for the practical fashion accessory. When I sneeze, it’s usually 4-5 times and it’s not good when I’m driving. Yeesh. Anyways, we have a sale to celebrate it […]

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Theatres and ND Book Summer Reading

Today’s Travel Tuesday features one of my favorite games: Nancy Drew: The Final Scene. I really enjoyed this game because I an a fan of theatres, and the hidden rooms and passages were intriguing! On a new topic, I’ve been re-reading the yellow Nancy Drew books this summer. It’s been many years since I last […]

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New Books & Party (Weekend Puzzle #334)

We’ve added the two latest Nancy Drew Diaries books to our store! I am very excited about the next Twitch party! Mark your calendars for our live play of Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island! Sign up for free and follow us on Twitch here. And of course, remember the spring break sale! It ends […]

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National Puppy Day 2017

Happy National Puppy Day from Nancy Drew and her dog, Togo! This picture is taken from Nancy’s laptop screen in Secret of the Scarlet Hand. Who else has a cute dog?   Also, we have added the Nancy Drew Diaries books #13 and 14 to our site. -Little Jackalope

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Read Across America Day 2017

Today we have all the Nancy Drew Diaries books on sale in honor of Read Across America Day. I actually like this day because it draws attention to one of my favorite pastimes: reading. You can shop here to start adding to your Nancy Drew collection. We have scheduled the next Nancy Drew game on […]

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