Read Across America Day 2017

Today we have all the Nancy Drew Diaries books on sale in honor of Read Across America Day. I actually like this day because it draws attention to one of my favorite pastimes: reading. You can shop here to start adding to your Nancy Drew collection.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Book Sale

We have scheduled the next Nancy Drew game on Twitch! We start playing Nancy Drew: The Haunting of Castle Malloy next week! Follow us here to get the alerts to when we go live, and then you’ll be able to join the live chat!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Twitch Party

Don’t forget to look on our Twitter page to vote in today’s March Madness when we post the next round!

-Little Jackalope

9 responses to “Read Across America Day 2017”

  1. Taylor says:

    This is just a random question, but has anyone working at Her heard of the Miss Clue series? I’ve seen videos of it and been on their website, and the similarities just seem like they’re trying to copy Nancy Drew.

  2. sonic-nancy-fan says:

    Do you know what languages the game shave been translated into? I know of French, Russian, Dutch, and German, but do you know if there are any others? I’m really curious about seeing how the games play in languages that aren’t English as word puzzles would have to be re-worked and such. Also, if you happen to know of a good place to buy the Russian versions, that would be lovely XD. Thanks~

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi Sonic, we offer a few of our games in German and in French for digital download on our web site. 🙂 Unfortunately we don’t offer the Russian translations.

  3. HappyPuppyHarley says:

    Who was the author of the poem in Message In A Haunted Mansion? The one on the tapestry?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hi HappyPuppyHarley! I’m not sure, it was likely our game writer or designer at the time. :-/

  4. What better way to celebrate . NEA VP Becky Pringle celebrates the 20th anniversary of NEAs Read Across America Day in San Antonio, . Mary Patrick and Kelly Martin. Today we have all the Nancy Drew Diaries books on sale in honor of Read Across America Day. Celebrate Read Across America by matching the quote to the correct. Seuss book. How well do you know your. Seuss books? A day in honor of the the birthday of beloved children’s author. Suess. To help mark the event at your school, we’ve gathered some resources you can use to celebrate reading on Read Across America Day and every day! Reading Rockets is pleased to be a national partner of NEA’s Read Across America. I actually . Classroom Activity Guide. TM ®. Top Teaching post. Art is Here! Read on to find out my top 10 instant and easy Read Across. Scholastic Inc. RAA 2017 Classroom Activity Guide. She took matters into her own capable hands and launched a movement — # 1000blackgirlbooks. March 2nd, 2017. Often we think of this day involving teachers and students sporting fluffy. More Read Across America Promotional and Informational Resources. RAA 2017 Battle of the Books Brochure. Happy Read Across America Day! Promotional and Informational Resources. San Antonio. Battle of the Books Brochure. See more about Dr seuss activities. Seuss and Dr seuss day. You can read more about Beth’s idea on her Top Teaching post.. Seuss birthday. NEA will kick off the 2017 Read Across America at its headquarters.

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