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Finding Forgeries

I often practice my real-life sleuthing skills when I go book hunting for my own personal Nancy Drew books. I definitely have found great finds, but there are some books that I would not pay too much money for. Here I will show you an example of a partially-fake book. This is a Nancy Drew […]

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Book Collecting: New Designs!

Not too long ago we shared a picture of a new cover designs for the first few original yellow-back Nancy Drew books. One of our team members went on a trip to a Powell’s book store and purchased a copy of The Secret of the Old Clock. When she brought it here to the office, […]

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Illustrating Nancy Drew

I’m going to take a break from writing about the CRE Egg Mystery today, since I have several leads I haven’t had time to follow up on. Today I wanted to highlight some awesome fan illustrations sent in by ___, check them out! These are lovely renditions of some of the book illustrations. I love […]

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Returning to Our Past

I’m hearing a lot of mixed reactions about the 31st Nancy Drew game. This teaser is found at the end of The Shattered Medallion, and is still a spoiler until tomorrow when we launch it on our YouTube Channel. So stay tuned! Or if you want to leave this next game a surprise, stay away […]

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The New Nancy Drew Books

The latest Nancy Drew Diaries book #6 is now available on our site! Secret at Mystic Lake looks really cool, I think. Have you read these new books by Simon & Schuster? I know Arglefumph has been reviewing them. I personally, have only read 1-3 so far, so I’m a bit behind. 🙁 We do […]

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Books & Dates

The biggest news of the day is the part where we released the official dates for The Shattered Medallion: And yes, this is our main color for the box art. (~.^) Whoo-hoo! Tomorrow and Thursday we reveal (or tease) more! I’m looking forward to your reactions. You could say we are just starting to pick […]

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I Spy Nancy Drew Books!

This last weekend I took a day trip and had to stop at my favoritist book store. This is why it is my favorite shop in the world: Their Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys book section is like heaven! Of course,  I did purchase a few rare books for my own collection. See that blue […]

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Nancy in New York

These last few days our CEO and Marketing Director went to visit Simon & Schuster. I’m always excited when they get to visit, because they are the ones who own Nancy Drew. Their headquarters are in New York, and our CEO and Marketing Director took a few snapshots for the blog! Fancy signs welcome their […]

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Nancy Drew Diaries #4 (And Weekend Puzzle #213)

Check it out! For you hard-core collectors and readers, this will be fun news for you today. The latest Nancy Drew Diaries book, “Once Upon a Thriller” is now available on our site! Learn more about this new mystery here. I, personally, adore bookshops and libraries. Especially book shops that have old and used books. […]

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Hidden Spies and Nancy Facts

Looks like some of you took to your research, and great detective work, by the way, too! The few facts we know about Nancy’s mom for certain in the books are these: • Nancy’s heritage is Scottish on her mom’s side (Read The Clue of the Whistling Bagpipes)• Nancy’s mom’s maiden name was Austin• She […]

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