National Sunglasses Day 2017

Put up the streamers and blow up some balloons – it’s a holiday! Haha. National Sunglasses Day is today, which is, for me, a day of appreciation for the practical fashion accessory. When I sneeze, it’s usually 4-5 times and it’s not good when I’m driving. Yeesh.

Anyways, we have a sale to celebrate it with. Get Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice on sale today!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games

Also, this travel Tuesday moment was on my mind since I was in Victoria, BC last week and saw many Victorian-era themed houses, inside and out:

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games

Shout out to Richard! My favorite Nancy Drew book is #9 The Sign of the Twisted Candles. Tess’s favorite is #5 The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and Indy’s is #2 The Hidden Staircase.

I’ve been on a summer reading goal to read all the Nancy Drew 56 yellow books, and I just finished #12 The Message in the Hollow Oak. I remembered as a kid liking this one, but re-reading it again I found it lower on my favorites list compared to the others I have recently read. #9 is still my favorite, though. Have you read book 12? I’ll be starting #13 today.

Nancy Drew mystery adventures stories book

-Little Jackalope



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