Theatres and ND Book Summer Reading

Today’s Travel Tuesday features one of my favorite games: Nancy Drew: The Final Scene.

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games

I really enjoyed this game because I an a fan of theatres, and the hidden rooms and passages were intriguing!

On a new topic, I’ve been re-reading the yellow Nancy Drew books this summer. It’s been many years since I last had enjoyed these, and wanted to get re-acquainted with the original Nancy Drew. This week I had just finished reading #11 The Clue of the Broken Locket.

Nancy Drew mystery adventures stories book

One of the first editions – this is the one I read. Printed 1934.


I also like to listen to some fan’s podcast on iTunes called “Get a Clue Nancy Drew,” where Brittany and Emily read Nancy Drew books and then review them on the show. (Language may not be suitable for kids, but it is a great podcast to discuss the books!)

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Stories fan podcast

After listening to their episode for book #11, I realized they had read the revised edition (the more popular version) and I had read the original edition, which is nearly entirely a different story!

Nancy Drew mystery adventures stories book

The revised edition, more popular. This is the one “Get a Clue Nancy Drew” podcast team read.

I would encourage you all to try reading a Nancy Drew book or two, and perhaps for a challenge read the original AND revised editions to compare the stories. 😉 I have just started reading book #12 since I am going in order. Next week I will discuss a little bit about that book. Care to join me? 😉 It would be a great Summer challenge!

A lucky Twitch winner has been selected!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Coloring Page Winner

Kerstin N. of Facebook.

-Little Jackalope

4 responses to “Theatres and ND Book Summer Reading”

  1. Happypuppyharley says:

    Wow! That’s good!

  2. Blackrose1984 (Joni) says:

    Sounds like fun I just finished In Search of the Black Rose #137 I really enjoyed it. I just have the flashlight series but hope to one day own the older books.

  3. NancyDrewCollector says:

    Hi!! I just thought I’d let you know about my Nancy Drew fan account on Instagram, the username is NancyDrewCollector. I post pictures of ND stuff and information about it, because there is a lot people don’t know about Nancy Drew! Also, I love the podcast you mentioned, I’ve been listening to them from the start, and trying to read the book a long with them (attempting to read both original and revised versions) to revisit my childhood. Keep up the good work!

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