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Old Secrets Lead to Scotland

With all the excitement we had over our last game, Ghost of Thornton Hall, it was quite easy to forget the old secrets hinted at for this year. Remember the old post 13 Hints for 2013 in January? There was one hint that I forgot to answer for GTH… Next Hint #7: Talent. This vague […]

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Summer Fun at Her Interactive

It feels like I haven’t written a blog post in forever! Technically only a week, as we enjoyed our Independence Day weekend out and about and families and friends. Although yesterday I got sick. Eh. Summer here at Her Interactive can be quite fun! We play hackysack together outside more often, ice cream trucks come […]

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July 4th Weekend: Games and Books!

Happy early Independence Day! We will be out of the office for the remainder of the week to observe this July 4th holiday. How are you going to spend it? I will be playing a few older games again at home. We have a sale going on in honor of this! Missing a game from […]

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Collecting Nancy Drew Moments

Perhaps you own all of the books, maybe you have played all of the games, or suppose you have also seen the TV series from the 70s. Are you a big fan and collector of everything Nancy Drew? Or is your collection just getting started? Somewhere in your home is a shelf with a few […]

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Hunting for Nancy Drew

Is it just me, or is book hunting for musty old, vintage Nancy Drew books and antiques a fun pastime? Although I own all of the yellow-back 56 original titles, I enjoy hunting for different printings, different covers, as well as any of the later mysteries that remind me of the games. (Like Treasure in […]

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Nancy Drew Diaries

I have been a Nancy Drew reader since I was seven years old, and have only recently completed my classic Nancy Drew collection. Many of us fondly remember reading the classic yellow hard-backed books and will always treasure her inspiring adventures that she would take us along on. For a few of us who prefer […]

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British Nancy Drew

Over the weekend I visited with my Grandparents, and my Grandma gave me this: Check it out! This is a Great Britain 1974 printing of The Moonstone Castle Mystery, which I brought in to add to my office shelf. I find the different artwork fascinating, but what’s even more peculiar is that on the back […]

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