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Memorial Weekend + New Intern!

We have two sales happening this weekend! Click on each of the images to shop for the books or the dossier games. Enjoy! We have a new summer intern in our office! She is going to take turns with me in writing the blog while she’s here, so stay tuned for an update from her […]

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Nancy Drew’s 86th Anniversary!

Hooray! Eighteen-year-old Nancy has turned 86! On this day in 1930, the first Nancy Drew book was released, The Secret of the Old Clock. The next couple of days was the release of the second and third book. Today we celebrate with solving mysteries AS Nancy Drew. If you are missing one of the Nancy […]

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Classic Names and Faces

Have you read any of the classic first edition blue Nancy Drew books? I have read a few, but I looked through an original copy of The Secret at Shadow Ranch (now called The Secret OF Shadow Ranch) and found this interesting page: This shows that George was not originally called Georgia, but later in […]

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Mystery in a Mystery Book

This fun article came out recently about finding treasures inside old Nancy Drew books. Check it out here! What sort of bookmarks do you use when reading books? I’m guilty of using receipts, scraps of paper, library cards, movie theater ticket stubs and sticky notes. 😛 Also, there are still a TON of KoKo Kringle […]

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Finding Nancy Drew Treasures: Vintage Books

This last weekend I took a trip to my favorite store in the world, Powell’s City of Books in Portland, Oregon. The book store is made up of several buildings all taking up an entire city block. The Rose Room is my favorite, because that’s where the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys books, as […]

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Missing Chocolate + Weekend Puzzle #288

Today’s office story is about chocolate. The mystery was this: why is there no chocolate in the office? It was a short case to solve. We’ve all eaten it. The chocolate chip cookies were gone. The peanut butter cups were gone. My desk drawer has been emptied of candy bars. All that was left was […]

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Summer Reading: ND Diaries #1

This summer I started to re-read the Nancy Drew Diaries books, starting with #1: Curse of the Arctic Star. I reviewed it in this video below: Stay tuned for tomorrow’s next episode of Ellie’s mini-series! Do you like exploring graveyards? I’d recommend Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. We have it on Throwback Thursday sale (digital […]

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Finding Forgeries

I often practice my real-life sleuthing skills when I go book hunting for my own personal Nancy Drew books. I definitely have found great finds, but there are some books that I would not pay too much money for. Here I will show you an example of a partially-fake book. This is a Nancy Drew […]

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Book Collecting: New Designs!

Not too long ago we shared a picture of a new cover designs for the first few original yellow-back Nancy Drew books. One of our team members went on a trip to a Powell’s book store and purchased a copy of The Secret of the Old Clock. When she brought it here to the office, […]

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Illustrating Nancy Drew

I’m going to take a break from writing about the CRE Egg Mystery today, since I have several leads I haven’t had time to follow up on. Today I wanted to highlight some awesome fan illustrations sent in by ___, check them out! These are lovely renditions of some of the book illustrations. I love […]

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