Jennifer Writes about Millie Benson!

Jennifer Fisher, President of the Nancy Drew fan club, host of the Nancy Drew conventions, and who operates the web site wrote an article about Mildred Wirt Benson. Millie wrote 23 of the first 30 original Nancy Drew books. Check out the full article here! It’s really interesting, especially if you are not familiar with the history!

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-Little Jackalope

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8 responses to “Jennifer Writes about Millie Benson!”

  1. Huw Miller says:

    Just was thinking about this, but do you think you’ll ever release demos for your games again? I remember you guys used to have them on your old site, but then they were gone.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      I’m not sure that we will, but no guarantees. Making demos took time away from the production team’s primary projects.

      • TJ says:

        If I could do a follow up question, LJ, do you think they will ever update the retro games to more updated ones? I play those often!

        • Little Jackalope says:

          Hello TJ! We don’t have any plans to remaster the older games yet. Doing so would take away from our current projects, however, there are workarounds to get those older games to work. Check out our FAQ posts for each game or for different operating systems!

      • Andriu says:

        I think that just this once it would be a good thing to do. That way we could get a glimpse into the new environment the future games (and we the gamers) will be working with.

  2. NancyDrewCollector says:

    I know I’m reading
    and commenting on this very late haha, but Jennifer Fisher’s website is actually, is a different site, not her’s!

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