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Heading to School – Dorms!

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend! I got to spend time painting some walls, baking peach tarts, going to gaming conventions, and playing more video games. It was lovely. What relaxing or fun things did you do? Over the weekend we shared this animated gif from Warnings at Waverly Academy: […]

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Frankensteins and the Beach

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Mary Shelley, who created Frankenstein. Happy Frankenstein day! Somehow, it’s also beach day. Hopefully you all got to (or will get to) experience some lovely summer weather by the water before the season ends! As for the weekend puzzle, it was an Atbash Cipher. Decoded, it says […]

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Eclipse Day at HeR’s Office

We had a brief distraction from our work today at the office. As many of you are clearly aware – the solar eclipse happened today! Here in Washington State, the view of the sun was only covered by about 93%, so we always had a bit of light. (Honestly, if we didn’t suspect anything, we’d […]

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Party Day 3 Video

Happy Monday! The last day Twitch party video is up on YouTube if you didn’t catch it, posted here: As for the weekend puzzle, it was in ASCII code, also known as ALT code when you hold down the Alt button and type the number. The result is [“Jimmy, stop hitting your sister!“] a quote […]

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What Would Nancy Look Like?

This coloring page was completed by fan Magy C. and she shared it with us on social media. It got me thinking the ever-lingering question I ponder: What would Nancy Drew look like in our games? Would she look like Kate Drew? What would her fashion sense be like?   I like to imagine she […]

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Memes and Poster Art

We shared this picture over the weekend from Nancy Drew: The Final Scene… It was mentioned in the last podcast with Max Holechek. Our artists at the time had a sense of humor and created their own masterpieces. I dug these out of the archive for you to see them up close and enjoy the […]

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In Between Games & Travel Moments

Here in the marketing team, we don’t work directly on making the games. When a game is finished, we present it in the very best red-carpet presentation that we think befits the game title. We get it ready, tease it out, put sales and holiday celebrations around the older ones, and find every way to […]

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Book 13, Pets, and the Scarlet Hand

I recently finished another Nancy Drew book for my summer reading challenge: The Mystery of the Ivory Charm. Have you read it? It’s about a traveling exotic animal show and a boy in trouble. My favorite parts about the book was at the end when long-lost family members are reunited, and a crazy building that […]

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Graduation Shirt

Huzzah! Know someone who is graduating this year? This is a great gift! Shop here! Per a request, here’s the solution to last weekend’s puzzle: Rose = 2 Fish mallet = 6 Pink bouquet = 4 Whale charm = 10 Final equation: 10+6-4= 12 (CLK) -Little Jackalope

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Coloring Dave

We had a request for Dave Gregory a few weeks ago as a coloring page, and in my spare time I made a line drawing of him. Behold! You can download the coloring page here. We have a recent posting of a fan coloring of Sonny Joon! As for the weekend puzzle, the solved nonogram […]

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