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Coloring Charlotte

Would you imagined Charlotte with blonde hair? Brunette? Can you see her wearing a purple dress? Or Blue? Coloring is not just for kids, but for adults with nice coloring supplies. 😉 We’ve added a new coloring page for you! This is of course from Ghost of Thornton Hall. You can download the page here. […]

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Coloring Page – Moonglow

Some people asked for it, but I had already begun the quick work of editing existing art from Nancy Drew: The Haunted Carousel. Behold! A coloring page of Moonglow, one of the carousel horses! You can download it here. Color it and then share with us on our social media pages your lovely coloring design! […]

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Easter Gaming and Memes

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter! I sure enjoyed spending time with my family over the weekend. Who else plays Nancy Drew games with family members? Or do you play single? We posted this cruel meme yesterday from Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge… Here’s the solution to the weekend puzzle, obviously I can’t […]

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Twitch Stars from Deception Island

In case you missed any part of the Twitch party last week, you can watch the re-run on YouTube in our playlist “Twitch Parties.” Or watch Day 2 of playing Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island below! We asked our viewers to take selfies so we could see all of their lovely faces, and behold! […]

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March Madness Winner 2017

The results are in! The fans have voted! Scopa, from Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice is the best all-time puzzle/activity! Click here to see the top voted results. In celebration, we have the digital download on sale for 50% off. You can shop here. As for the weekend puzzle, here is the solution: Basement […]

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Food and Gaming (Gumbo!)

I love seeing fans replay Nancy Drew games, and when they do, they eat snacks or foods that relate to the game. Liberty W. posted this to Facebook over the weekend, and I had to share: She ate homemade gumbo while playing Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull! How appropriate! Here’s the solution to […]

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Snow and Mardi Gras

There was no blog post yesterday because we had a surprise snow day here in the Pacific Northwest. And it gets crazy driving conditions when that happens. Anyways! Today is Mardi Gras! Therefore we celebrate with a sale in hopes of sharing the two Nancy Drew games that centers on the celebration of Fat Tuesday […]

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Twitch Fans & Contest

Last week’s Twitch party was fun! I get really excited when I get to see screenshots of fans who watched the live show. (If you missed the last party, we continue to play Nancy Drew: Sea of Darkness this coming Thursday and Friday. Follow us here.) I’m seeing a bunch of great Valentine Card entries […]

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An Empowering Girl

A great article about Nancy Drew was written and posted today by Sarah. Read it here! Here’s the solution to the weekend puzzle: -Little Jackalope Save

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Train Talk and Fan Fashion

If you missed last Friday’s Twitch party, no worries! You can watch the past shows on our YouTube channel. Here’s Friday’s show: Hope to see you on Thursday/Friday when we finish the game! A fan blogged about Nancy and her friends’ fashion. Check it out here! As for the weekend puzzle, it’s binary code. Each […]

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