Memes and Poster Art

We shared this picture over the weekend from Nancy Drew: The Final Scene

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games

It was mentioned in the last podcast with Max Holechek. Our artists at the time had a sense of humor and created their own masterpieces. I dug these out of the archive for you to see them up close and enjoy the witty text (if you can read them). Enjoy!

Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure Games

As for the weekend puzzle, it was a Caesar Shift cipher, where the alphabet was shifted 3 positions. Decoded, it reads [what character’s voice actor would you like to hear on the podcast?]. (Click and highlight the text to reveal the answer.)

-Little Jackalope


15 responses to “Memes and Poster Art”

  1. Yurithecat says:

    These are hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Huw Miller says:

    These posters are the BEST! Huge thank you to you!

  3. Gnillet (the real one) says:

    Hi again Little Jackalope. I’m not sure what you are and aren’t allowed to share about MID, but I have a suggestion. You guys at HeR rarely mention MID at all, and many fans aren’t as up-to-date with all the information surrounding it. Would it be possible to write a blog post about MID, just to recap and explain things that not everyone may be aware of? This blog post could mention that the update has been delayed, and that you aren’t permitted to share anything until the game is complete. It could explain that you yourself don’t get much news, or that outsourcing the game means that the flow of information you receive has changed drastically. It doesn’t really matter what you write, as long as it is related to Midnight in Salem. It’s been 2 years without any real updates and in that time, MID hasn’t been mentioned very much. To see a blog post about it would surely give some people more hope, and make them feel like MID isn’t “swept under the rug.” Would something like this be possible? It would be nice just to see something about MID to keep the spark alive.

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Gnillet, I could write a blog post about this, but everything I have to say is the exact same as the messaging we post in response to comments, on the blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and via email. I doubt using new words to express the same message will be satisfying to readers. It wouldn’t be fair. For now, I will continue to respond to questions and comments. Once I have better news or a real, a different update to share, I will do so on the blog and aforementioned social media channels. Thank you for understanding!

      • Gnillet (the real one) says:

        Yeah, I guess you’re right, it’s just too bad that MID can’t be mentioned more often. It would be nice to get more than one sentence in brackets about it. Sometimes there’ll be a throwaway line about MID in blog posts. To me, it comes across like MID is nothing but an afterthought. 🙁 Oh well. Thanks anyways. I assume that if you could say why the update was delayed, you would have said so already. I’m concerned for the future of HeR and hopefully, one day, we can all know what exactly this “new direction” entails.

  4. Bob says:

    The new Nancy Drew’s voice actor. XD

  5. felicity18 says:

    Hey LJ!

    In the next podcast I would love for Tammy to interview the character actor for Nancy Drew.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Lukas Mittelmeier and Lily Crewe! (Marianna de Fazio)

  7. ElphabaSwanDrew says:

    You should create a Nancy Drew trivia quiz! That would be really fun. Like the ones Dahlia did! Except longer, and maybe some harder questions. It could be just for fun like the coloring pages!

  8. The Red Wolf says:

    Always love seeing behind-the-scenes!

  9. Jackson says:

    Are they all based on movies? I only recognize a few (the crucible, trainspotting) What is Blue-Gray, that one looks interesting! Also Do Not Mess with the Hair?

  10. Blackrose1984 says:

    Hahaha I love the poster’s so cool. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Bess says:

    I don’t understand something. I think I read that the voices are recorded before animation and development are done. If that’s the case why can’t they even tell us who the new voice for Nancy is? They say they don’t want to give out info that may change, but this is something I feel has to be done by now, and if it were to change at this stage, MID won’t happen. so why not even give us that?

    • Little Jackalope says:

      Hello Bess, I’m sorry I cannot give you bits and pieces of our work at this time. I hope to provide more behind-the-scenes tidbits in the future.

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