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Mac Gamers

Hey all! We published a post for tips on how to get your PC Nancy Drew games to work on Mac computers. Check out the FAQ post here! Have any of you guys tried this? I haven’t, but it would be really awesome for our fans who only have Macs be able to play the […]

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Christmas Greeting 2016

I made a quick Christmas reminder video highlighting the most popular things going on this season: As for the weekend puzzle, it was a maritime flag code. It spelled out this message: [Wishing you an early Merry Christmas.] -Little Jackalope

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Trimming the GTH Trailer

Today I get to recreate the Ghost of Thornton Hall trailer…but shorter! When we first launched GTH in the Apple App Store, they only allowed screenshots — no video. Since then, they have allowed video and we need to get that trailer up in the app store! However, the challenge is to shrink it down […]

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WAC: Day 1 Twitch Party

Today we start playing Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy LIVE on Twitch! Follow us and subscribe to join! We will be giving a prize away each day. As for the weekend puzzle that I had you linger on for a few extra days… Here’s the solution: it’s ASCII code! Also known as ALT code, […]

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Halloween Par-tay! Haunted Mansion Style!

Today’s the big party! We will be live streaming Message in a Haunted Mansion soon on Twitch! If you are new to Twitch, it’s like YouTube, but we are live instead of pre-recorded. You also get to sign up for free and chat live with fellow Nancy Drew fans and ask us questions. Set your […]

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Preparing for Halloween 2016

Hey all, I missed yesterday’s post because I’ve been busy with some Halloween things. GAH! Halloween is right around the corner! We have only a few days for you to enter into the contests, and only a few more days left of the sale for our select scary games! (Shop here.) Also, on Halloween, we’ll […]

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SAW: Day 4 Twitch Party – The FINALE

Hey all! We didn’t finish playing Nancy Drew: Shadow at the Water’s Edge last week, so we will continue and finish it tonight. Ready to nab a creepy Japanese ghost? Follow us and watch on Twitch here. We will air at the same time: 4pm PT. In case you missed Friday’s party, we uploaded it […]

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Nancy as MacGyver + a Holiday!

We shared this fun meme over the weekend from Message in a Haunted Mansion. Nancy Drew is like the female version of MacGyver. >_< If you don’t know who MacGyver is, it’s a TV show from the 1980s with Richard Dean Anderson who is a secret agent. He’s very resourceful at using what items are […]

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Early Halloween Starts (And a wallpaper!)

Woot! We have a one-week sale on these select T-shirts on Amazon! Get these in time for Halloween! You can shop here for the shirts. Also, we have two contests going on now! And yes, the contest is open to all, even non-U.S. residents. 😉 Click on each image to learn more information about each […]

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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016

It’s that’s day of the year again. Arrrr. Mateys. That’s all I got. >_< And I left my tricorn hat at home because I forgot it. Anyways! If you are missing the Nancy Drew game Ransom of the Seven Ships, you can get it today for 50% off the digital download. Use promo code PIRATE16 […]

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