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Ned Nickerson

Every once in a while it’s good to focus in on Nancy’s family and friends. A special one in particular is Ned Nickerson. The first time we get to see him in-game was as a phone avatar and in a picture in Nancy’s room in Alibi in Ashes, but his voice has been around since […]

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British Nancy Drew

Over the weekend I visited with my Grandparents, and my Grandma gave me this: Check it out! This is a Great Britain 1974 printing of The Moonstone Castle Mystery, which I brought in to add to my office shelf. I find the different artwork fascinating, but what’s even more peculiar is that on the back […]

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ASH and SAW in October

Alibi in Ashes comes out in stores tomorrow! And today we have two new ASH wallpapers for you: check out the desktop version or the mobile version. We have a winner! Last Friday was the weekend puzzle #125 contest, here’s the solution: the puzzle is a [keyword] cipher. Using the keyword provided (quick) you take […]

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Learning How to Make Forgeries!

I’m just teasing about the post title. I really mean that we are learning how to make copies on our new copy machine. See here: ~New copier on the right~ We are replacing our old machine on the left with that intimidating big one on the right, which is still wrapped up in the picture. […]

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An Exciting Week

Whew! Look at the time! I’m posting rather late today. It’s because I’m in a bit of a rush, and so I can’t talk long. Looks like you savvy sleuths pretty much got the former weekend puzzle #117! After following the solution on Thursday, August 25th’s post, this is the slightly unscrambled answer you should […]

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Locked Drawers Now Opened

Looks like the weekend puzzle was solved only yesterday on the message boards! Congrats for getting this one! Here’s the solution: [Starting at the top left, select every other letter going down, and left-to-right. For starters, T, then two down is H, two down would be E.] Now circulating to the right would get you […]

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An Exciting Week: Starting Now!

We are off for an exciting week (as stated in the title) ^.^ The Captive Curse will be released in stores tomorrow, June 28th 2011! (But of course, you can already get it from us in both physical and digital form). Anyways, we are preparing for this highly anticipated release, and I’m super excited!! I […]

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Captive Curse is holding me captive.

That’s the excuse for a late post today. We’ve been super busy preparing for the pre-orders that begin tomorrow for The Captive Curse! Whoo-hoo! If you order early you will receive the special edition with extra bonus content. Yep, we are excited for it. This is how we celebrate: Cupcakes and dessert! Yum! Congrats to […]

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Enjoying Yellow Chicks

Today was off to a rocky start, but our little experiment yesterday with the duck lamp inspired us to see what would happen to a yellow marshmallow chick, which cheered us up a little. Unfortunately, the duck lamp favors chicks over bunnies, and decided to let the chick live. The chick toasted, but didn’t melt. […]

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iSHA Released! Yee-haw!

Hiyo! Today is a very exciting day for us! Our new series Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries has finally released Shadow Ranch for the iPadTM, iPhone®, and iPod Touch®! The office is buzzing to keep everything in proper order and double-checking it all to see if everything works for this new game. We will have a […]

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