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So Many Things Weekend! (Plus Weekend Puzzle #249)

We have sooo many things to share today!! Let’s see… first things first. Many of you are returning to school. Oh boy! How exciting! Now is a great time to play games like Secrets Can Kill REMASTERED and Warnings at Waverly Academy, which take place in schools. Are you excited to return to school? What […]

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Doubtful Sound

Yesterday we released the screenshots on our page for The Shattered Medallion. These are most of the environments you get to explore on location of Pacific Run. This one here below, Doubtful Sound, feels very much like when we kayaked around Deception Island. (Wow, that was a long time ago!) The Shattered Medallion: Doubtful Sound […]

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The Shattered Medallion Page is LIVE!

Hooray! We launched The Shattered Medallion product page on our web site! Be sure to check out the screenshots, too. 😉 Also, save the date for our official trailer to be launched on Tuesday! ~Little Jackalope~

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Designing a Room: Abby

I was digging through our art archives again (still one of my favorite pastimes) and came across some art I did not recognize in Message in a Haunted Mansion, so of course, I’m sharing. (^.^) Check it out! Some early room designs for Abby Sideris! The first two, of course, were design ideas that didn’t […]

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Video Blog and Weekend Puzzle #170

What a busy day! With The Deadly Device releasing into the wild, it has made for very fun, active-filled days! (Only 4 days left! Can I use enough exclamation marks in this post?!) First news: We interviewed our Director of Marketing, Jared! Read the interview now on the Dare to Play Blog here! Also, arglefumph […]

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Screenshots Tuesday!

We’ve had a long, relaxing weekend, and today we return to the office with several things to share! There is a lot to cover today, so let me make it simple: Back to school sale! Get 25% all digital games using promo code B2S2012 at checkout! (Sale ends Tuesday, September 11, 2012.) We had a […]

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Weekend Puzzle #142 + TMB Page Live!

Guess what? The Tomb of the Lost Queen page is live! Check it out and also be sure to view the screenshots by scrolling down to the button “Screen Shots” for a look at the environments. Whoo-hoo!! On to your weekend madness. This week’s puzzle is really only for fun, but if you would like, […]

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ASH Screenshots!!

Some of you found the clue hinting to today’s special: Alibi in Ashes screen shots have been released!! Check them out and learn more about River Heights and the game on our screen shots page. This one’s my favorite: This is a day for more treats here in the office. Today we celebrated two of […]

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