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Contest Videos, Podcast and Spotlights (Weekend Puzzle #345)

Reminder! There is still time to work on your video entry for the Biggest Fan Contest! Learn more on our Contest page here. Indy shares a few videos with you about it:   We uploaded a new podcast! Subscribe to the iTunes podcast series here or listen to the video below: In case you didn’t […]

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Pizza Videos & Fan Art (Weekend Puzzle #338)

We had another fan share her coloring page of Kate Drew! If you want to do a little coloring this weekend, you can download and print the page here. Another coloring page will be released on Monday. 😉 If you hadn’t heard the news, Ovation brands restaurants (Country Buffet, Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, Furr’s, Hometown […]

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Tombs and Buffets

When Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen started being made, I thought in excitement “It’s about time!” Since I’ve been wishing Nancy would travel to learn more about ancient Egypt! As I’m writing this blog post, I’m watching a play through on YouTube by J.B. Lewis. That’s how I get to enjoy the game […]

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CNC on TV and Scopa

Yesterday it was announced that Codes & Clues will be featured on the Kid Genius channel on Comcast On Demand, along with other educational shows. What this means is more kids 5-8 will learn about Nancy Drew, introducing them into her world at a young age. (I promise, we aren’t turning into a TV show […]

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CNC News and Fan Videos

Guess what?! Codes & Clues will be on Comcast October 1st! Read the full news release here! Who’s going to tune in to see these on TV? So exciting! Earlier this year, some fans posted this fake teaser video with their own concept art of MID. Pretty cool, huh? (The music, by the way, is […]

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A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Hey, guys! We’ve got lots of items to cover today. First, have you guys seen the latest MID character art? This week we’re featuring a familiar face: Deirdre Shannon! Check out our Facebook post about it to see more of her character description AND to find out the name of next week’s feature. Second, it’s National […]

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Throwback Thursday and Seal of Approval Winner

Hey, guys! So guess what: Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues is officially a Seal of Approval Winner by The National Parenting Center! It was “a huge hit with our parent and child testers” according to their description on the award page. This is super awesome, and we’re all thrilled about it. You can check out what else they had […]

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Well Done, Coco!

Hi, guys! Happy Monday! To finish the day off right, here’s a video of Coco eating a Koko Kringle! For those of you who have not had the chance to watch her videos, Coco does a fabulous series of walkthroughs of Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues. You can check out her first one here: Do […]

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Codes & Clues Card Game Has Endless Possibilities

Hi guys, it’s Indy.  This past week Tess and I have been working a little bit on making a Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues deck of cards. We had so much fun making it that we just kept adding more  and more cards! The full deck is 28 matches which equals 56 card. We initially […]

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We’re on TV!

Well, our CEO had 6 minutes of fame in Seattle. But still! Our local news station has a morning talk show called New Day Northwest, and Penny was a guest this morning who got to share a little about Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues. Check it out here: -Little Jackalope

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